Paper Folding Machine, High Speed Cross Paper Folding Machine


Our many model available with Friction Feed Paper Folding Machine, Leaflet Folding Machine With Inspection System, Paper Folding machine, Paper inserting folding machine with Friction Feeder combination of parallel and vertical (cross) folds attachment with this model. Both machines managed to facilitate parallel and cross folds paper folding in a Vertical stacker single operation.

Few our Leaflet Folding Machines, Vacuum Feed Paper Folding Machines, Pile Feed Paper Folding Machines, Air Feed Paper Folding Machine with auto feeding and folding along with vertical and cross folding systems.

Salient Features

  • Plug and play design.
  • 4 folding pockets + 3 deflectors
  • Easy to operate and easy to maintain with less manpower.
  • Compact and sturdy construction for long life of the machine.
  • Minimum oil require for the machine.
  • A.C. motor with drive.
  • Unique delivery stacker for better performance.
  • Obtain maximum speed in double demy paper [7000 sheet /hr approx.]
  • Space save machine.
  • Less noise level.


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