Pack and Label Soft Drinks and Beverages Effectively and Efficiently Using the Best Labeling Machines

Double Side Self Adhesive Sticker Labelling Machine

The soft drink industry is characterized by high volumes in the production process and these require sophisticated processing and labeling methods. The machines used for labeling are automated and operate at high speeds.

Nature of Soft Drink and Beverages Packaging Machines 

Most soft drinks and beverages are produced in large quantity for a relatively short period of time. Most beverages are either bottled or canned and these containers have a special shape.  The labels attached on these bottles must conform to the shape of the container for aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, most soft drink and beverages companies produce a variety of brands which have different labels and specially shaped bottles.

The bottle sleeve labeling machine must therefore automate all labeling functions and processes, label products very fast and allow for quick and automatic change over from one product to another.

Types of Shrink Sleeve Labels Used In Soft Drink Industry

As containers become more diverse in shape and type of materials used to make them, more labeling materials are being applied. The shrink sleeve label applicator machines are widely applied in soft drink industry as heat easily makes them take the shape of the container.  This gives the plastic, metal or glass container an aesthetic appeal.


Most shrink sleeve labels cover most parts of the container and have texts and graphics that give pertinent information about the soft drink as well as advertise the brand.

Shrink sleeve labels are manufactured from plastic polymers. Polyester films and wraps are used since they shrink on application of heat, resist moisture and oil, have good mechanical properties and are excellent insulators.

Mini shrink applicator machines are small in size and use PVC or POF films. These have less automation features but are more economical. They are also used in packaging fruits, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Heat tunnel applicator is able to handle different shrink wrap films and can be used with containers having diverse shapes, size and configuration. They also incorporate L type sealer. Machines like PE shrink tunnel applicator are manufactured to incorporate many types of shrink films.


Electric shrink applicator machine is more advanced and provides well regulated and controlled heating on the shrink wrap. This produces a well formed shrink wrap around the container.

Types of Labeling Machines Used Soft Drink Industry

There are many automatic and semi automatic shrink sleeve labeling machine used to wrap soft drinks and beverages. The level of automation and sophistication depends on production volumes, container shape and labeling process. Modern day shrink sleeve machines incorporate label trimming, printing, shape forming tunnel and other features which increase the speed and accuracy of labeling process.

Cost of Labeling Soft Drink and Beverages and Comparison with Other Techniques

The cost of printing polyester films, cutting and wrapping them is lower and cost effective as opposed to labeling the actual bottle. When compared to other technologies, shrink wrap is easy, less costly and  very fast.


Soft drink and other beverages are easily labeled using shrink sleeve labels. These sleeves are easily formed, cost effective and have a great aesthetic appeal.

This article is written by Arjun Rao – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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