Neck Shrink Tunnel With Conveyor

The material we used

  • All Electrical components are Siemens make or equivalent,
  • All Switches are Sulzer or equivalent,
  • Flexible cable should be provided with pvc air hose protection.
  • Separate amp meter for all three-phase circuit.
  • Stud type connector for cable termination,
  • Incoming mcb 32 amp Indo-Copp make or equivalent,
  • Blower Motor’s are Remi make.
  • Blower Motor is separately controlled.


Temp. Req.          

100’ To 120’ Degree Centigrade to  Chamber,


Heater With Heating System. Total 10 KW

Motive Load     

1 Hp Conveyor , And 1 Hp Blower Fan Load


Variable A.C. Drive With “Vfd” Facility ,

Tunnel Open

300 Mm  H   X    250 Mm  W,


Separate Mounted  Panel For Machine,


Special High Density Cerawool Linning,

Hear Radiation

For Hire Out Put  Inner Reflectors


Attractive Spray Colour,


40-80 bottle Per Minute – depend on bottle sizes and operators speed

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