MMC Group

Filling Solutions

Filling Lines:

Liquid Filling: Volumetric filling machines with Cam Operated machines (Mechanical), flow meter technology, gear pump technology and Pneumatic systems with servo controls for both free flowing liquids &viscous liquids. Semi auto and fully auto options are available. The following products to name a few can be packed.

  • Juice in PP/PET bottles
  • Pesticides and Agro Chemicals.
  • Honey
  • Jam/ Ketchup / Sauce
  • Edible Oil

Powder Filling: Using Auger to fill powder in preform pouches or bottles. The machine employs Clutch brake mechanism and Servo mechanism. Semi auto or full automation machine option is available.

Cup Filling: Adjustable cup fillers with special fall disc assembly for filling granules, free flow powder into pre-formed pouches, containers, bottles. Semi-auto and fully auto machine options are available.

Count and Fill: Pharmaceuticals products like capsules and tablets can be counted and filled in bottles. Auto insertion of silica gel and cotton ball is also provided.

Rotary Filling: for the following application

  • Juice in PP/Pet bottles – high speed with rinsing and capping and labeling
  • Packaged drinking water and carbonated drink in PET bottles- medium to high speed with rinsing capping and labeling.
  • Curd, Lassi, Yoghurt with pick place, foil seal and dispensing. Topping options is also available.
  • Milk: ESL line in PP cans

Pickle & RTE: To fill pickle with pieces and RTE products into bottles.

Automation: An auto filling line using bottles can have add on like Turn Table, air jet cleaning, bottle rinsing, capping, induction sealing, labeling, shrink sleeving and bundling.

Bag Filling:

Automatic & Semi Automatic Bag Filling Machines using Load cell based technology with Sealing and Stitching for pack size of 10kg/15kg /25 kg & 50kg bags. This can be combined with Automatic Batching Systems. Jumbo Bag filling above 300kgs using load cells can be provided. This can be used for both powder and granule filling.

Segments which can be catered for are:

  • Agro chemical
  • Construction materials
  • Spices, tea and coffee, food products,
  • Jam/ Ketchup / Sauce
  • Pharmaceuticals and other applications.

Form Fill & Seal:

Powder, liquid and granules can be packed in an Vertical FFS (VFFS) machine using heat sealable flexible laminates in roll form. The feed mechanism like auger, cup, multi head weigher or load cell based weigher will depend on the product nature. Center seal, three side seal, four side seal pouches can be formed. Small pack sizes are ideal for this operation. It is also possible to pack upto 5 kgs. Multi track machine for liquids is also available. VFFS can also pack agarbatti; dhoop sticks count and fill as a special application. However different machine or change parts as the need be can be picked. Horizontal FFS or Flow wrap is used for the packing of rigid products like chikki, camphor, soap etc..

Conveying Solutions

Conveyors and Automation: Customized Conveying solutions with automation and material handling systems using flat and inclined belt conveyors, roller conveyors powered or gravity, bucket elevators etc can be provided. Boom conveyor options for loading and unloading of trucks and containers can be given.

Intermediate Solutions

Induction Sealing: Online and table top models available to seal induction wads on PET/PP/ Glass & HDPE bottles/Jars online through air-cooled technology. Sealing heads are customized based on the application, speed and nature of closure. A single sealing head for flat caps can be used to seal a wide range of wad sizes.

Carona /Plasma & Ozone treatment: Corona/Plasma & Ozone treatment for better bonding, lamination and printability on containers and lamination application.

Labeling Applicators: High speed Vertical labeling machine for single side of the bottle, two sides of the bottles, three sides of a rectangular bottles and master cartons. Top side/ horizontal labeling machine for labeling on caps, booklets, pouches etc. Edge labeler or L – sealers meant for L sealing of tuck in cartons. Table top labeler for low volume application is also available. Self-adhesive paper labels and filmic labels in roll form can be used.

Shrink Sleeving& Wrapping: High speed Auto shrink sleeve applicator for bottle body (round, Oval or square) and on caps. Options of Heat or steam tunnels for shrinking are available. Conveyor with Pucks for manual operation with shrink tunnel can be provided. Collation of product and then Shrink wrapping of the collated products in the desired matrix or product with or without trays can be given.

Capping: Auto capping and semi auto capping application is possible for plastic caps, lug and ROPP caps& Aluminum caps. Cap feeding mechanisms with vibratory feeders, cleated elevators with dump yard are options available. Bunging with hopper feeders also can be integrated with capping options. Capping from 25mm to 120mm, for glass bottles to PET/ PP/HDPE jars can be done.

Vision Inspection Systems : Online bottle inspection system for HDPE/ Glass / PP/ PET bottles using high resolution camera to detect defects like chipping, molding issue like burr, neck ovality, black spots or colour spot etc can be identified. Induction wads missing, defective, multiple wads inside the cap, defects in caps thread, ovality etc can also be checked. Solutions can be given for specialized inspection system for missing labels, bar codes, level of product In container etc.

Metal Detector and Check Weigher: On line metal detectors for both food and Pharma sector. Conveyor metal detector, metal detectors for tablets with dedusting, gravity feed metal detector to check Ferrous- non-ferrous and steel contamination in packed products and free flowing products. Similarly Online check weighers for high speed check weighing system for cartons, pouches with rejection mechanism.

End Of The Line

Cartoner: Solution for Auto, semi-Auto cartoner for individual bottles / pouches / blisters / candy bars /bulbs etc into cartons with leaflet inserts for speeds upto speed of 120Carton per minute. For higher speeds above 120 cartons per minute the solution can be given Canada. Horizontal or vertical cartoner based on the application can be suggested.

Case Erection & Case Packing: Automatic case erection, collation, loading and taping / hot melt gluing / strapping of cartons.

Tray Erection, Collating & Loading: Beverages / flavored milk / juice in Glass bottles, tin cans, PET jars can be collated at high speeds and loaded into half trays erected online.

Overwrapping and Collation: High speed BOPP overwrapping of mono cartons with tear tape application for single carton and collated bundle. Collation and overwrap of cartons can also be done in a desired matrix. Product like cigarette, agarbatti, soaps, personal care for exports etc..can be overwrapped. Products sensitive to heat and require wrapping can employ overwrap solution.

Shrink wrapping, Collating and Bundling and L Bar sealing of cartons, bottles, jars etc. Both auto and semi auto solution can be provided

Bagging solution for pouches: For packing of Individual / string pouches from FFS into PP woven sacks. Products like detergent, atta, salt etc

Packaging Consumables

Induction Sealing Wads: Induction sealing wads suitable for PET/HDPE/Glass/PP bottles for agro chemical, pickles, dry syrups, nutraceutical products, coffee, hot fill of ghee, dairy products, etc. DMF approved wads can also be provided for Pharma applications from abroad.

Self Adhesive labels: Printed labels on sub strata of paper and film through flexo / rotary letter press process with and without stamping and screen printing.

Offset and Flexo printed labels: Printed on chromo paper, cast paper with foil stamping, embossing through offset and flexo processes.

Lami Tubes printed or labeled: Printed on Indian and imported laminates made from aluminum based laminates or poly based laminates, with stand up caps / conical caps. Foiling of tube is possible.

Aluminium Tubes: Printed in four colours suitable for Pharma, adhesive etc.

Seamless Tubes printed or labeled: Printed through dry rotary offset process or labeled, available with stand up cap ‘flip top’ cap and oriented caps. Foiling of cap and label possible.

Shrink Sleeves &Shrink Labels: Printed through gravure process, can be supplied in roll form or individual sleeve form.

Lug Caps – ROPP Caps – Drum Seals: Printed and plain lug caps of standard sizes.

Flexible Laminate &Pouches: Printed on 8 colour roto gravure machines and laminated with wet laminators / solvent less laminators / extrusion coating for the food, Pharma, personal care and agro chemical industry. Can be supplied in roll form or preformed pouches. Preformed pouches can be bottom gusset, side gusset, zipper pouches can be made.

Pharma Blister foils:Plain / printed blister foil in roll form.

Vented liners& Vented Plugs: Specialty induction Liners, pressure sensitive liners, for caps with Venting property which enables to maintain the pressure inside a bottle constant by its bi-directional property of air flow because of the property of the product to consume or release gases. Finds its application in Liquids, powders and granular products packaged in agricultural, industrial and consumer products. Vented plugs are molded components which are snapped into plugs used for drums and jars containing products that consume and release air. This also finds its application in Liquids, powders and granular products packaged in agricultural, industrial and consumer products for expelling gases that are formed in the container.

HIP Cups: For Curd, Lassi, Jam, Shrikhand etc, with dry offset Printing / Shrink Sleeving options.

PP Woven and Non Woven Sacks: Plain and printed or BOPP laminated bags.

PET preforms / PET container and HDPE/PP jars: Preforms for all application and PET container for Pharma and personal care application, HDPE container for Pharma and PP container for flavored milk and other application.

The above applications are proven and tested. Since each end of the line solution is specific to the needs of the factory, we at Sharanya Marketing Private Limited can offer solutions which are customized.