Mini Shrink Tunnel-Multipack-4520A


Heating circulating type shrink tunnel is most cost effective and suitable for PVC film. CN-4520A shrink tunnel can be combined with L-Sealer for best wrapping solution. It is available in standard as well stainless steel. CN-4520AL is framed in POF films.


  • Heat Shrink Packaging Machine using infrared ray heater, PVC films or POF films are available for our machines.
  • The conveyer speed for heat shrink is controlled by precision electric stepless type instrument, speed is adjustable and highly stable.
  • Heat Shrink Packaging Machine is light and small. Its legs can be dismantled easily in order to save space
  • Heat Shrink Packaging Machine saves electricity and shrinks fast.
  • Adopting automatic temperature controller or constant temperature controller (according to customer need).
  • The conveyor belt for Heat Shrink Packaging Machine can be made in to roll type, net type or Teflon net according to the character of the products.


Model CN-4015A CN-4520A CN-4520AL
Power Supply 1φ, 220V/240V 1φ, 220V/240V 3φ, 220V/240V
Power consumption 5 KW 6 KW 9.6 KW
Tunnel size L=700xW=400xH=150mm L=800xW=450xH=200mm L=1000xW=450xH=200mm
Conveyor speed 0~10M/min 0~10M/min 0~10M/min
Conveyor size L1050xW400xH690mm L1200xW450xH690mm L1500xW450xH760mm
Machine size L=1180xW=620xH=1050mm L=1330xW=720xH=1100mm L=1650xW=720xH=1220mm


  • Teflon Mesh Belt
  • Hi-Density Rollers
  • Custom Paint
Food, Fruits, Salty Foods, Toys Stationery, Drugs, Electronic Products, Cosmetics, Books, Videos, CDs, Hardware parts, and accessories, etc, for shrinkage use.
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