Medium Speed Shrink Tunnel


This shrink tunnel is a high productive medium speed tunnel with air flow technology for air circulation that avoids bubbles and bumps in production of plastic film. You can get premium wrapping solution while combining with L-Sealer machine. This shrink tunnel is available in 2 forms of standard finish and stainless steel.


  • Full re-circulating air chamber.
  • PID temperature control.
  • Shrink Packaging Machine can be adjusted air velocity control.
  • The conveyor speed of Shrink Packaging Machine is adjustable.
  • Roller rod conveyor for heat shrink. Teflon mesh overlay is optional.
  • Automatic shut off after tunnel cool down.
  • The electrical control parts have overheat compensator protection to shut off the power.


Model CN-4520US CN-6530US
Power Supply 3φ,220V/380V 3φ,220V/380V
Power consumption 18 KW 23 KW
Tunnel size L=1800 x W=650 x H=300mm L=2000 x W=850 x H=400mm
Conveyor speed 2~8 M / min 2~8 M / min
Conveyor size L =1000 x W =450mm L =1600 x W =450mm
Machine size L =1000 x W =970 x H=1400mm L =1600 x W =865 x H =1600mm
Food, Fruits, Salty Foods, Toys Stationery, Drugs, Electronic Products, Cosmetics, Books, Videos, CDs, Hardware parts, and accessories, etc, for shrinkage use.
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