Machines Used for Secondary Packaging – Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator, BOPP/OPP Label Applicator, Carton Sealer

Different Kinds of Machines Used for Secondary Packaging

Secondary packaging plays a very important role in branding and display of the products. With packaging like shrink sleeve packaging or labeling, products can be attractively packed for better marketing and promotion. It keeps primary packaging safe and secure and thereby helps to retain the original condition of the product without any loss or leakage during transport and storage.

There are different types of machines used for secondary packaging. Some of the popular forms are as follows

Labeling Machines

Labeling is an important part in packaging process. It gives unique identity to the product and also makes it look more attractive. Various kinds of machines are being used for labeling process in industries.

                                Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator

One of the most popular shrink sleeve labeling machines used in most of the industries today is a shrink sleeve label applicator. With shrink sleeve labeling machine, manufacturers can ensure that their products are labeled attractively with body fit labels that allow 100% visibility. The packaging costs of the manufacturers can be greatly saved as shrink labeling can be done using different kinds of materials or low cost plastics. Bottles of almost any shape can efficiently be labeled with a shrink sleeve labeling machine. Moreover with use of high speed shrink sleeve labeling machine one can ensure that their bulk labeling requirements are met efficiently within shortest period of time.

Shrink Tunnel

In a shrink labeling process the products are shrunk into wrap-around labels using heat and therefore a shrink tunnel or heat tunnel is an important requirement for this process. Products to be shrink packed are passed through shrink tunnel for few seconds. This causes the wrapped film around the product to get heated and shrink on the body of the container. A shrink tunnel is either employed as an individual machine or imparted within labeling unit for the shrink labeling process.

BOPP/OPP Label Applicator

Similar to these labeling machines, is a BOPP/OPP label applicator. When it is case of labeling product like cosmetics, oils, lotions, food, beverage containers and various pharmaceutical products with BOPP or OPP labels, no other machine can give the quality and efficiency offered by a hot melt label applicator. A BOPP/OPP hot melt label applicator machine makes use of hot glue to fix labels onto the containers. These kinds of machines are widely used for the application of wrap-around labels from OPP reel on cylindrical bottles.

Sealing Machines

Another important variant of secondary packaging machines is the category of machines used for the sealing process. Efficient sealing ensures safety of the product so that it can protected from exposure to harmful environmental conditions, damages during transit or leakages. A properly sealed product can be retained in its original state for longer period of time. Some of the important variants of sealing machines widely used in industries today are semi-automatic and automatic L type sealer, impulse sealers, container sealing machines, auto side sealing machines etc.

Carton sealing is an important process used in industries to pack products in cartons. With carton sealing machines, products can be packed into cartons safely with efficient sealing done with tapes or other reliable gluing products which ensure that cartons do not open at the time of carrying or transfer. Carton sealing requirements differ greatly from industry to industry while some require carton sealers for top & bottom sealing, some use automatic carton flap folding sealers to ensure carton sealing process is done with less labor and fast with automatic flap folding process.

Hence the machines mentioned above are some of the most prominent packaging machines used in manufacturing industries across the world. Multipack Machinery Company is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of secondary packaging machines in India. To know in detail about the company and its products, please have a look at

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