Shrink Wrapping Machines – Shrink Sleeve Applicator, Shrink Tunnel, L Sealer

Shrink Sleeve label applicator

 Machines for Shrink Wrapping – Shrink Sleeve Applicator, Shrink Tunnel, L Sealer

Shrink wrapping is a simple and cost effective way to pack products for effective display and protection from damage. Through shrink wrapping manufacturers can ensure that their products remain safe from tampering and weather conditions which can damage the product and therefore reach out their customers in the best form. In shrink wrapping, product is shrinked into a thin low cost polyolefin film that gets wrapped around the body of the product tight to its dimensions and therefore also looks good. Shrink wrapping process is done using a low cost plastic film and therefore helps to save the production costs of a manufacturer while offering him benefits of quality and attractive labeling of products. One of the best advantages of shrink packaging process is that it can be used to label even the oddest shaped products efficiently. The shrink labeling process generally consists of two stages – wrapping and sealing of the product and application of heat to the film so that it shrinks tightly around the product giving it the best body fit covering.

To perform shrink wrapping, special kind of machines are required called shrink wrapping machines. Different kinds of shrink wrapping machines are available today in the market. Some of them are shrink sleeve applicators, shrink tunnels and L sealers.

L Bar Sealer

L sealer or L bar sealer gets it’s name from its shape which resembles a backward “L”. L bar sealer is a popular packaging machine used in industries for wrapping and sealing of products. An L type sealer for packaging comes in a variety of sizes and with various options which enable customized and easy operation of the machine. An L type sealing machine works very fast and seals the products in just a single pass. This type of equipment incorporates an L shaped sealer bar which cuts the film outside shape of a package. It trims and seals the film with each down stroke or cycle of the sealing bar. By using a center folded film, side seals of the package are simultaneously formed and a fully sealed individual bag around each product is produced which is then passed into heating tunnel normally called the shrink tunnel heated and shrink-wrapped.

Shrink Tunnel

Shrink tunnel is the actual equipment in which shrinking process takes place. It is a hot air circulating chamber encompassed with a conveyor in which products to be shrink packed are passed through. Products are carried on the conveyor through the tunnel just for a few seconds thereby causing the wrapped film around the product to get heated and shrink on the body of the container. Shrink tunnels for label shrinking are either built into a production line or are integral with machinery that also applies the shrink film like a shrink sleeve applicator.

Shrink Sleeve Applicator

Shrink sleeve applicator is a shrink sleeve labeling machine which consists of shrink tunnel to perform the shrinking process. The machine is built with components which can handle the entire shrink packaging process including sealing and shrinking. Bottles of almost any shape and size can be labeled with a shrink sleeve applicator.

Shrink sleeve machines use innovative technology to apply sleeves and labels to containers including jars, bottles, & more.

Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

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This article is written by Arjun Rao – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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