Machines for Carton Sealing and Box Stretch Wrapping

Carton sealers and box or cargo wrappers are the most important forms of machinery used in industrial bulk packaging processes. Once the products are manufactured they are packed in cartons and boxes which are then sealed to ensure the safer delivery of the products without any loss or damage occurring during the transit. This is exactly what the carton sealers and box stretch wrapping machines are employed for.

Carton Sealing Machine

A machine for carton sealing plays a major role in carton packaging process. It seals the cartons and edges of the cartons in such a way that these cartons do not open up or get damaged during the transit. Loss of products during the transit is therefore restricted or avoided by this sealing process. The modern sealers are available in two formats – the automatic carton sealer machine and semi automatic carton sealers. The automatic carton sealing machine performs the entire sealing process automatically without any manual help required while the semi automatic carton sealers do require manual help for few steps in the sealing process. The automatic carton sealing machines are usually easy to use and can be adjusted to different requirements of sealing. Most of the carton sealer machines today come with automatic height and width adjustment features in order to fit out carton of any size for sealing. There are even carton folding sealers. These carton folding sealing machines are equipped with a flap closing device that closes the flaps of the carton prior to the sealing process. Therefore for heavier and larger boxes this kind of folding sealing machines will ensure that complete carton packaging process is carried out by the machine itself without any manual help required. These automatic machines will enable an easier and better packaging process with consistency and higher efficiency.

Box Stretch Wrapping Machine

Stretch wrapping with a stretchable plastic film keeps the items tightly bound. No doubt these plastic films can be wrapped manually with hand, but wrapping with hand will not ensure the consistency and efficiency as with the stretch wrapping machine. With a box stretch wrapping machine every piece of load can be wrapped exactly the same way every time which is not possible when wrapped manually. Using a stretch wrapping machine for box wrapping will produce a clean professional finished product. Both single as well as small cargos combined can be wrapped using the box stretch wrappers.


Therefore the carton sealing and box stretch wrapping machines ensure faster, efficient and consistent processes for packaging of cartons and boxes. They can greatly reduce the time and labor required while improving the efficiency of the packaging process.

This article is to educate reader about the modern carton sealing and box stretch wrapping machines used in industries for bulk packaging processes.

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