Label Applicator Machines Widely used in the Manufacturing Industries

Shrink Sleeve Labeling machine with Electric tunnel for Pharma bottle

Label Applicator Machines Widely used in the Manufacturing Industries

Labeling of products for recognition and marketing purpose is very important process in every manufacturing industry whether food products manufacturing, pharmaceuticals manufacturing or beverage manufacturing. In every industry where manufacturing is done possession of labeling machines is a must. Labeling machines can speed up the labeling process in the industries while giving the manufacturers quality and efficiency required in the labeling process. Labeling requirements differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. Every industry has different labeling requirements. Some may require labeling food products while some may want to label beverages like soft drinks, juice bottles and much more. Therefore in order to meet these requirements, various forms of labeling machines in both standard as well as customized specifications are now available in the market. Some of the important and widely used forms of labeling machines are as follows

Shrink Sleeve Applicator

Shrink sleeve labeling is one of the widely followed labeling procedures in manufacturing industry today. It is considered the best and economical way of labeling products attractively for marketing needs. A shrink sleeve applicator machine in an industry enables faster and efficient labeling procedure to shrink labels onto the containers. Shrink tunnel is an important constituent of any shrink sleeve labeling machine. Quality and appearance of the final package derived from shrink sleeve application depends on the performance of a shrink tunnel. Shrink tunnel in a shrink sleeve label applicator is responsible for fitting shrink labels properly onto the body of the container. It imparts sufficient energy into the film early enough to create the maximum ballooning effect such that the bubble collapses at just the right rate making the film shrink to its maximum extent while cleaning up the imperfections and giving the desired end result. Shrink sleeve applicator is used in various sectors like food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, dairy, healthcare etc.

BOPP/OPP Hot Melt Label Applicator

BOPP/OPP labels are popular labeling products used for promotional labeling. These come in different forms like white, silver and paper labels and are used for labeling different kinds of products. Materials such as cosmetics, oils, lotions, food, beverage containers and various pharmaceutical products are labeled using BOPP/OPP labels. Labeling of BOPP/OPP labels onto containers is performed by a BOPP/OPP hot melt label applicator machine. Hot melt label applicator makes use of hot glue to fix labels onto the containers. This kind of machines is widely used for the application of wrap-around labels from OPP reel on cylindrical bottles.

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