L-Bar Automatic Sealer/ Automatic Shrink Machine With L-Sealer

Technical Details

  • HIGH SPEED: Up to 25 Packs a Minute
  • SEALING BLADES: Teflon Coated. Unique Radiused Corner Sealing Blade to ensure that a hole does not appear in the film at the Seal Point.
  • 1 MINUTE MANAGER: Simple & Rapid-Fast Adjustment of Infeed Conveyor / Film Height Guide enables very quick changeover between different sized Packs.
  • FILM TRACKING: Precise Film Guide Rollers ensures accurate Film Tracking to bare minimize Film Wastage
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE PERFORATION SYSTEM: Patented System to achieve Perfect Shrinking through exact setting of Positioning & Frequency of Perforates.
  • LATERAL ADJUSTMENT FOR INFEED CONVEYOR: Rack System for Rapid & Accurate Lateral positioning of the Infeed Conveyor to suit different Pack Widths


The Sealing Machine is a PLC Controlled one for precise & systematic operation. Any & everybody can run the Machine-because one has to just keep on placing the Packs to be shrinked onto the running Belt Conveyor. Rest everything is Automatic-the Photocell sensor will sense the length of the Pack & will relay the signal to the Sealing & Cutting mechanism, which will in turn Seal & concurrently cut the Polymer Film covering the Pack. As the film used is a Centre-Folded one, the same covers the Pack from all 4 sides. The Pack shall be further conveyed to the Shrinking Tunnel, in which adequate heat & conveying speed shall be maintained to impart a perfect Mirror Finish to the product. The Tunnel uses the latest technology of Infra Red Titanium Heating Tubes to maintain consistent desired temperature inside the Heating Zone even as it uses 40% less power than the conventional finned heaters.



  • Transversal Adjustment of In-feed Belt and Product Height by Hand-wheel.
  • Machine with in-built Safety & Warning Devices.
  • Control Panel By Programmable Microprocessor.
  • Fumes Free-friendly environment for Operator.
  • Silicon Sealing Bar for neat sealing under constant operation.
  • PLC from Mitsubishi, Japan
  • Sensors from Banner
  • Timers from Omron, Japan
  • Motors from Panasonic, Japan


  • PRODUCT LENGTH 100mm -500mm
  • PRODUCT WIDTH 60mm -330mm
  • PRODUCT HEIGHT 5mm -120mm
  • OUTPUT CAPACITY 25 Packs / Minute Guaranteed
  • POWER 2Kw; 220V
  • MACHINE DIMENSIONS 2100mm X 1000mm X 1580mm

Technical Features


  • The use of stainless steel made heating tube results in power saving of up to 40% over conventional heaters.
  • Thermocouple temperature control: The system features automatic temperature variation for convenient operation.
  • Great air-flow provides excellent heat distribution, resulting in even shrinkage
  • Variable speed live-roller conveyor. Compact construction, high efficiency.


  • CONVEYOR SPEED 0-8 Meters / Minute
  • PRODUCT WIDTH 300mm (Max.)
  • PRODUCT HEIGHT 130mm (Max.)
  • MOTORS 4.5 KW
  • TUNNEL DIMENSIONS 800mm X 400mm X 200mm
  • MACHINE DIMENSIONS 1200mm X 720mm X 1200mm


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