Know the Usability of Shrink Sleeve Applicator in Packing Domestic Products


Domestic products demand complete protection from atmospheric and transit damages. Hence, secondary packaging like labelling is considered a very important feature to maintain the purity of the product. A shrink sleeve applicator will remain a suitable machine that can cover all the requirements.

Multipack offers automatic as well as customized packaging equipments for domestic and chemical products. Machinery supplied by them is known for reliability, durability, speedy performance and moderate price. Get More details about usability of Shrink Sleeve Applicator, visit – Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator (Tamper Evident Band Applicator)

Multipack Company is a well-known brand manufacturer in Filling and packaging fields, specializing in Automatic shrink sleeve packaging, Automatic shrink sleeve Applicator apply shrink sleeves on most container shapes, materials (glass, plastic, metal), conditions (filled or empty) at speeds that range from 50 to 400 bpm with world-wide selling network with 25 years of experience in packaging industries.

We have 4 World-Class Factory Locations Manufacturing converting & labeling, Automatic shrink sleeve Applicator, process equipment, Customized Solutions, Containment, Material Handling Systems, End of line Packaging Automation & Solutions.

This Infographic is posted by Arjun Rao – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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