The Liquid Manufacturing Plants are ideal tools for the pharmaceutical industry for the production of Oral Liquids.

Jacketed vessel is specially designed to take care of two critical factors which directly affect the quality of the liquids.

Benefits of Jacketed Vessel

  • Minimum manual handling of Liquid.
  • Effective cleanness during manufacturing.
  • Effective manpower utilization.

Features of Jacketed Vessel

  • Closed circuit manufacturing facility from feeding of sugar/water phase is to load the volumetric liquid filling machine.
  • The sugar and water are loaded with vacuum system or by mechanical system or manually.
  • The sugar syrup vessel is supplied with high speed stirrer & electrical heating (in small model) / steam heating facility (in bigger size model). The sugar syrup is prepared at required temperature & is transferred to manufacturing vessel by vacuum or by transfer pump.
  • The product during emulsion formation is re-circulated through In-Line Homogenizer or Liquid Transfer Pump.(Optional Facility)
  • The Pump also discharges the product in the Storage Vessel.
  • The storage & Jacketed vessel is then taken to the filling area (if it is small capacity) and is connected to again liquid transfer pump. Or storage vessel remains fixed (in bigger size) & pump transfer the liquids in the float tank which is connected with filling machine.
  • The entire plant can be operated by centralised operating panel by one operator
  • The plant is equipped with an electrical control panel with digital temperature indicators/controllers and digital timers.
  • Minimum two batches per shift of the same product can be assured in this plant.
  • This plant conforms to CGMP standards (Paint Free Construction).
  • Enclosed are a few points explaining the system in detail In case of any queries feel free to contact us.
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