Inline Bottle Filler Machine – Linear Liquid Bottle Filling Machine


Inline bottle Filler machine

  • Two Head in-line filling machine
  • Four Head linear Filling machine
  • Six Head Volumetric Linear Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

Inline bottle filler machine is fit for the max speed of 30-120 bottles/min.

The following equipments fall in this category:

  • Two head filling machine,
  • Four head filling machine,
  • Six head volumetric linear liquid bottle filling machine.

The output of Bottle Filling Machines depends on

  • Nature of liquids,
  • Bottle diameter,
  • Bottle height,
  • Bottle neck size and fill volume.

The machine frame structure is fully SS finish with built in turn tables.

SS316 materials have been used for the all parts coming in contacts with liquid and rubber stoppers.

The machine is applicable for full/half stoppering job.

Special Features

  • No Bottle – No Fill System, No Bottle – Machine Stop System
  • Diving Nozzle for Foam free filling
  • Very High Fill Accuracy
  • Minimum Change Over time
  • Built-in A.C. Variable Freq. Drive System


Model Multi pack – Volumetric Filling – 120
Bottle Diameter : Up to 90mm*
Fill Range : 30ml to 2000ml with help of Change Parts / Syringe
Accuracy : +/- 1% Depending on Liquid with Single Dose
Electrical : 220 VAC Single Phase Power Supply (50 Hz)
Power : 2.0 H.P.
Speed : Max. 120 Bottles per minute
Syringe Fill Range: 10ml to 50ml,50ml to 100ml, 100ml to 250ml and 250ml to 500ml
Conveyor Height : 800-900 mm
Overall Dimensions : 1850 mm (L) x 1210 mm (W) x 1710 mm(H)

* Specification can be changed as per customers requirements


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