Information on Shrink Sleeve Applicator and Shrink Tunnel

Shrink Sleeve Applicator
Labelling machines are important in the packaging industries. Good and fast labelling with adhesive or non-adhesive is the prompt requirements in consumer industries. Shrink sleeve label applicator is the prominent machinery used in food, chemicals, pharmaceutical, beverages industries that fulfill the non-adhesive labelling through heat shrinking technology.

Features of Shrink Sleeve Applicator
Labels are the thin film labels applied through the shrink sleeve applicator at a specific rate on the passing container. The labels can be half or full in length of the bottles, which pass on the small heat tunnel, where the labels get fixed on the bottle. The label fixing through applicator is the best economic and eco friendly way of labelling. It  is used for labelling the bottles in various size and shapes. The machine is very compact and made up of advanced technology with low maintenance and easy to install. It is not only reduce the labor and costing for labelling but also gives the professional packaging outlook to make the product market sellable.

Pressure sensitive labels are pushed to the container to wrap around it and fixing with heat shrinking. The machine is applicable in industries like packing food, soft drinks, cosmetics, dairy industries etc. The machine is available in various speed ranges to label the bottles like 50 bottles per min., 200 bottles per min etc.

Shrink Tunnel
It is a special machine which allows passing on the container to shrink with labels or plastic film to cover the half or full of the bottles or other vessels. Shrink tunnel machine is available for various sizing; even the model of it, can be adjustable for height weight and length up to certain range. The machine is available in different models with standards height, weight and length. This machine is designed to shrink the labels around the bottle or cup.

There are various types of this machine which are manufactured as per the standard and custom requirements. It is connected with suitable machinery like L type sealer that is used for ultimate wrapping.

Mini Shrink Tunnel – It is an economical type of tunnel for PVC film and POF films that shrinking the film/labels by heating. This equipment is widely used in packing fruits, salty foods, drugs, cosmetics and electronics.

Heat Shrinking Tunnel – Available in different size, types and configurations. It is used for heat shrinking the label for big and small products.

PE Shrink Tunnel – It re-circulate the air with cooling fan at the discharge end is used to shrink all types of films. Roller type and net type conveyor models are available in this apparatus that used for packing the container with PE films. One can get the custom features along with standard features of the PE shrink.

Electric Shrink Tunnel – It is widely used with automatic shrink sleeve applicator machine to wrap the labels with shrinking of labels and papers on the container.

In conclusion, the above features of sleeve applicator machine and tunnel will be useful to our readers, who are interested in the packaging products and need to have fruitful information.

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