Induction Cap Lining Machine in Food Industry

Induction Cap Sealer

Precautionary Sealing before Capping

Capping and sealing are interrelated functions which help to complete packaging. Selection of locking material is more important to meet product and environmental compatibility. Precise fastening can be obtained only through automated devices. In addition, different portions involved in packaging can be managed with equipment support and separate instruments are available today to be incorporated to bring the whole processes in a series.

Liners and their Benefits

Induction Cap lining device is a special component preferred in many industries like eatables, chemical, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. It offers seal through pre cut disc shaped gadget made from suitable ingredients like foil laminate or foam material. This part is inserted into closure before screwing is implemented. This method is found to offer comparatively better sealing. However, choice of base material to produce liner depends on several factors like,

  • Capping element
  • Type of merchandize
  • Texture of product like powder/liquid/chemical/acid form
  • Application needs like leakage prevention/barrier/tamper evidence proof, etc
Cap liner for chemical and pharmaceuticals

Why Food Industry Require Special focus on Lining?

Food sector has several norms to follow. Variations and types of produce need to be covered at the right time and through suitable method. For instance milk based beverages need leakage free containers because contamination possibilities are ample. Similarly, manufacturers of powder form of consumable produce like energy drinks powder prefer induction liner for caps as the best technology for maintaining safety and purity of contents. Automated liners work more effectively as they take fraction of seconds to complete closing process and keep the contents away from infections. In addition to the above factors, time factor also remain imperative consideration for filling. For instance, processed eatables easily attracted bacterial growth and to avoid this stuffing and immediate covering is highly recommended.

Food Industry Require Special focus on Lining


  • This kind of equipment is available in different models matching filling volume
  • Buying induction based cap liner and sealer is commercially cost effective as it reduces manual assitance and expense
  • It is non-contact process and provides good bonding with capping material
  • Offers 100% proof from leakages and contains tamper evident quality also.
  • Keep product freshness
  • Prevents from contamination factors
  • Helps to boost presentation from business point of view
  • These are flexible for custom printing options hence, they also help to highlight brand image with brand information printed over it.
  • Supports to maintain health and hygienic requirements
  • Easy to incorporate with packaging device
  • Flexible operation mode
  • Takes meager period for take over
Buying induction based cap liner and sealer

Business Perspective

When it comes to business benefits, it does not consume much moment and money like that of conventional methods of sealing. It offers good lead time and consumer would be able to experience results based on selection of speed with respect to production schedule.


Eatable product industry need to fulfill more terms and conditions as far as filling and closing up are concerned. While considering overall requirements automatic instrument for packaging and locking brings better results to protect product safety and well being. 

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