India – An Emerging Market for Packaging Machinery

Packaging necessity

Machineries are designed every minute to meet the rapidly changing market requirements. Though many companies around the world try to depend on man power for several production activities, the aspect of packaging perfectly remains a matter of great concern. While utilizing man power works on a moderate level, coping up with the demand in production requires quiet a speedy action when it comes to packaging. Hence, many of the industries prefer to buy machineries for packaging needs. Among the machinery suppliers globally available, India is considered to be one of the most commonly preferred countries that have grown tremendously in the field of designing and manufacturing packaging machineries. Some of the important reasons that industrialists quote while preferring machinery from India are

  • Competitive cost
  • Quality of service
  • Innovative technology
  • Availability of in house professionals to design
  • Customer support
  • Reliability over machine quality
  • Maintenance
  • Availability of Machineries for a range of packaging solutions such as pharmaceuticals, food, clothe, etc.

Types of packaging equipments available in India

Depending on the industrial necessities several Indian companies have come forward in providing a range of packaging equipment models. In addition, the growing variety of industrial sectors in many parts of the world is yet another reason behind new machines being introduced in the market. On the other hand, since many of the industries are looking for favourable solutions to reduce the cost of staffing, automatic packaging equipments have relatively reduced the cost of man power management, time consumption and breakage. As a competitive approach several Indian manufacturers have plunged into the designing field with the help of designing software available and try to find out various means with which work can be simplified. Hence, we can find innumerable options in choosing the right packaging equipment. Some of the major packaging machine varieties that are exported from India are, Read more in detail for Packaging Machinery.

  • Pharmaceutical packaging machinery
  • Packaging machines for food & beverages
  • Filling & Capping Machines
  • Stretch Wrapping machine
  • Carton sealer machine
  • Tube filling machine
  • Shrink Sleeve applicator
  • Labeler Machine
  • Packaging machines for cosmetics, healthcare, oil, pesticides, ancillaries etc.

Market exposure

Indian manufactures are emerging out with latest designs of packaging machineries to cope up with the industrial demand worldwide. It is also due to the reason that since equipments for product processing that are manufactured in India has a good demand globally; the market for advanced packaging equipments such as stretch wrapping machines, carton sealer machines, shrink sleeve applicator appears to be on the rise. In addition, equipments such as pallet stretch wrapping machine, and shrink sleeve applicator reduces the time of processing manifold times lesser than that with staffing. These machineries are economically designed that can produce more than 20 pallets per hour and almost 95 to 100 % accuracy in delivering respectively. The technical support, quality and competitive pricing which the client can get from Indian manufacturers are some of the most important reasons for India emerging successfully in the market.

This article is written by – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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