In What Ways Shrink Wrapping Machines Stay Economic and Effective for Packing House Hold Products?

Economic and Cost effective Aspects of Shrink Wrapping Equipment

Shrink Wrapping materials is made from corrosion resistant polymers and polyolefin materials. These materials are available easily and hence, they stay economic option for packaging. Similarly, applying shrink method with the help of machinery reduced the cost of labor, saves packaging time and can be relied upon for packing more products in relatively lesser time.

Shrink Material for Packing House Hold Products

Shrink material are preferred for the safety and protective properties it contains. Industries that manufacture household products like detergents, soft drinks, fruit juices, creams and lotions, cooking oil, etc benefit a lot with the help of shrink wrapping technology. This wrapping method is applied to pack the products free from leakage, to stay protected from unexpected damages during transit and keep the products away from reacting with atmospheric influence.

Equipment for Packing Bottles with Shrink Technology

Shrink technology wrapping is found to be very effective for packing bottled products. This packaging method takes place in two parts such as covering and sealing of the bottles. The flexible film is heated to obtain in shrink format which in turn is then applied closely around the bottles. This technology provides best protection for fragile bottles.

Different Types of House Hold Products packed in Bottles

House hold products such as coconut and cooking oil, soap oil, cosmetic products, beverages, mineral water, etc are all packed in bottles of different sizes and shapes. A bottle shrink wrapping machine is the right equipment to take care of the wrapping process.

Benefits of Shrink technology applied for Wrapping Bottles

Shrink wrapping materials is produced from polymer plastic films and when this ingredient is heated it shrinks tightly and becomes flexible to cover bottles closely. Apart from house hold products other solid items like toys, baskets and boxes and many more products can be packed with this method. It keeps the product from leakage; it offers sealing strength and stays compatible with plastic containers under variable climatic influences.

Shrink Wrapping Devices offered by Multipack Machinery

Multipack Machinery is a leading manufacturer and supplier of shrink sleeve applicator machines. We offer bottle shrink wrapping machineand shrink tunnels and variety of shrink applicator equipments suitable for wide range of packaging requirements.


Why to buy Shrink Wrapping Device from Multipack Machinery?

Multipack Machinery provides variety of secondary packaging equipments starting from wrapping to sealing, filling, capping and labeling requirements. Our machineries are relatively competitive in price and are made from higher grade machining components.

Shrink Wrapping Device from Multipack Machinery for Household Products

Multipack Machinery offers shrink tunnels, stretch wrapping machine, BOPP/OPP label applicator, and shrink sleeve applicator specially designed as per customized requests for house hold products and other commercial products as well.


Wrapping the products tightly gives good sealing option and shrink wrapping machines will remain an economic and effective option to carry over the process of packing in lesser time.

This article is written by Arjun Rao – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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