Important Packaging Machineries – Shrink Tunnel, Stretch Wrapping Machine, Roller Conveyor

Packaging machineries are widely used and demanded machineries across the industry, whether it is a food industry, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics or beverages industry, it needs high end packaging and labeling machineries for preserving of products for longer duration as well for better marketing of the products.

Shrink tunnel is a packaging tunnel for passing through the prepared product for labeling at one end of the tunnel and the other end pass on the packed labeled product. It shrinks the label according to the container need to paste accurately. Varieties of tunnels are manufacturing as secondary packaging machinery. There are few parameters to check well before placing order of shrink tunnel to suit your packaging requirements like machine size as far as space is concerned for you. Tunnel size is to feed in and out the custom size containers. The type of conveyor is to roll out your products as easy for best packaging. Shrink tunnel machine can also used in combination of different outsourced machineries also like l sealer etc. Air flow technology integrated with shrink tunnel gives new dimensions and gives bubble free uniform plastic packaging.

Stretch wrapping machine is another industry best wrapping machine used to wrap boxes, containers, parcels etc. It is used in small and medium enterprises, manufacturing units, supplier houses, factories and corporate where needs medium and large size packaging frequent to deliver the parcels. Good wrapping will retain the boxes or container without damaging during transportation. For delicate soft or hard materials it needs high end wrapping through plastic film to retain it for long. Box stretch wrapping machine contains rotary turntable, which speed is regulated through PLC adding with other controlling factors like pallet height, wrap failure detection, indication and recovery options of broken film etc. This fully automatic/semi automatic wrapping machine saves your resources and labor. Different models of stretch wrapping machine with standard as well custom features are manufactured by the packaging machineries manufacturing units.

Roller conveyor is an automatic conveyor belt unit to deliver raw or processed goods from one factory/machine source to other destination for further processing. It increases the automization work as many of the industries need more automization to avoid contamination or human intervention during the series of processes. Roller conveyor decreases the resources usages along with labor and useful for cost effective production also. Two different types of roller conveyor are sold in the market. Gravity roller conveyor and powder roller conveyor. Both work on gravity principals. It stimulates the fast rolling out of the products during manufacturing process.

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