Importance of Induction Cap Sealing, Carton Sealer & Stretch Wrapping Machines

Sealing and wrapping are among the most important processes employed in packaging industry. Both sealing and wrapping processes are done to ensure the protection of the products avoiding situations like loss of the quantity of the product, quality degradation and damage to the goods during transit. With sealers and wrappers, the packaging process at the industry can be carried out much rapidly and even efficiently than with the manual processes. The sealing and wrapping machines ensure consistency in the packaging process like the stretch wrapping machine can wrap all the products with uniform stretch and therefore can give the much required consistency for the packaging processes.

Carton Sealer Machine

A machine used to seal the cartons filled with goods is known as carton sealing machine. Sealing is performed to ensure that the products within the carton do not degrade in terms of quality or quantity during the time of transit. In order to avoid damages to the articles packed in a carton or box, usually the carton sealing machines are employed. The carton sealing machines ensure efficient packaging of cartons of different shapes and sizes as these are available with automatic height and width adjusting features that enables handling cartons of any dimensions. They come with user-friendly controls and are generally very easy to be employed by even a novice user for the sealing processes in the industries. Both automatic as well as semi automatic models of carton sealer machines are available today in the market. Therefore one can easily select a machine depending upon the packaging sealing requirements at the manufacturing facility and also the budget available. A machine for sealing cartons can be employed for multiple tasks other than just sealing the carton boxes. These can be used flap folding of the cartons, sealing the carton edges and sealing of the cartons underside.

Induction Cap Sealing Machine

Induction sealing machine is yet another popular form of sealing machines used for packaging applications in various industries. An induction cap sealing machine seals the products by heating foil liner on the cap of the product with an induction current. The current will enable welding of the liner to the top of the neck on the bottle. There are two types of induction sealers available today – the semi automatic induction cap sealing machine in which the products to be sealed are fed manually while the automatic induction sealers ensure the rapid sealing process without manual help required.

Stretch Wrapping Machine

A stretch wrapping machine is used to wrap the stretched film around the boxes or cartons to form the tight hold and binding of materials together so that they are not lost or damaged during transit. The modern stretch wrapping machines come in PLC controlled features thereby enabling efficient wrapping of larger quantity of goods with consistent efficiency or stretch which is not possible with manual stretch wrapping tasks. Different types of wrapping machines are manufactured today like pallet stretch wrapping machine, stretch wrapping machine for box wrapping and reel stretch wrapping machines which can reduce the human labor, cost of packaging and time required for wrapping of the bulk goods.


Therefore sealing and wrapping machines are very important machines for efficient packaging applications in various manufacturing facilities. These can be got in both standard as well as customized formats and therefore can be selected as per one’s requirements. For those looking to buy quality machines for sealing and wrapping processes, Multipack can supply the best machineries in required specifications. For further details click here.

This article educates reader about sealing & wrapping machines like carton sealer, induction cap sealing machine and stretch wrapping machine.

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