How to Invest in Secondary Packaging Equipment Based on Packaging Speed Capacity?

What are Secondary Packaging Equipments?

Packaging is a long process and it starts from filling the products to packing, labeling and boxing up for transit. Equipments available for packaging are categorized as primary and secondary packaging devices and the latter is related to filling and wrapping requisites.

Industrial significance of Secondary Wrapping Devices

Secondary Wrapping devices such as filling and wrapping machines stay very effective to pack delicate products that need to be filled in with accurate measurement. Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries benefit largely by secondary packaging machinery.

Shrink Packaging Varieties

Shrink Packaging Machine is done by using flexible films as the main component. There are different types of shrink methods such as shrink wrapping, shrink tunnel shrink sleeve labeling, etc. and there are exclusive equipments designed to process wrapping.


Shrink Wrapping Device and its Importance

Shrink Wrapping device works by covering the products using flexible packaging films. A bottle shrink wrapping equipment is a notable type in packaging sector which is used to wrap bunch of bottles already packed with content. This procedure keeps the distribution process very easy.

How does Shrink Tunnel Work?

Shrink tunnel device is equipped with wrapping equipment in a tunnel form. Shrink tunnel carries on with wrapping process and covers the products with the installed packaging material. Usually, shrink sleeve films are recommended to be used in shrink tunnel equipment.


Exclusive Wrapping tool to Pack Bottles

A bottle shrink wrapping machine is applied to pack set of bottles tightly with flexible films. There are different types of shrink tunnels manufactured to pack bottles with different packaging materials.

Sealing Options and Subsequent Machinery

Sealing certain products that are packed in bottles remains a mandatory requirement in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries. Induction cap sealing machine will stay a perfect option to seal the bottle caps accurately without leaving way for leakage.

Meritorious Specifications of Induction Sealing

Induction cap sealing device is a flexible one for sealing different induction seals of various diameters of bottles. For companies that have more production and subsequent high speed sealing requirement, Induction sealing equipment will remain the right choice of secondary packaging machinery.

Liner Caps and its Significance in Packaging

Liner caps are very important sealing products designed for chemical products and well as consumable products. Since, these products are less resistant to heat; moisture and other atmospheric influence caps with liners are considered the best sealing choice.

Equipment for Fixing Liner into caps

Cap lining machine is special equipment designed to fix different types of liner materials inside the cap. The liner caps are then packed and send to be used for sealing. This equipment can deliver from 5000 to 10000 liner caps per day and it is found to offer speedy production and can be preferred for beverage industry, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries as well.


Secondary packaging machinery are of different kinds and investing on such equipments should be based on confirming the packaging speed to match the production requirement.

This article is written by – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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