High Speed Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Facility character

  • Whole machine adopt qualified stainless steel and good-quality of aluminum alloy , compact and reasonable fracture,convenient to adjust;
  • The label roll frame of shrinkage film with adjustable device, convenient to adjust according to differ volume label 5″~10″paper tube.
  • Simply installation, then can convenient for square and round bottle. 
  • No need of instrument, rotary mechanism is convenient to adjust, apply to different bottle type.
  • Unique sleeve labeling method, adopt pressing sleeve labeling method, not only convenient but also reasonable.
  • Control the feeding system automatically, and flat the shrinkage film and adjust strain simultaneity.
  • Unique design knife plate, in the determined range, can change the knife base. Knife changing quickly and conveniently.
  • Middle guide-pole clip system, mould changing quickly, no need any instrument. 
  • Label location system, can promote and demote in-phase adjust location according to specific bottle type requirement.   
  • Imported servo system and high-sensitivity photoelectric from Japan,  with high cutting precision of label.
  • Stainless steel electric control cabinet, Panasonic PLC, imported from Japan.
  • Adopt advanced man-computer Interface auto controlling technology, key electric component all adopt international famous industrial brand.
Production capacity: 21000b/h(take label length 80mmbottle type 500ml as norm);
Label specification: φ30~125mm;
Bottle &can diameter: φ28~125mm;
Label length: 30~250mm;
Label thickness ≥0.035mm;
Label material PVC/PET/OPS;
Main machine power 6KW(220V,50HZ)



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