Global Demand of Packaging Machineries in Various Industries

Increasing global population has led to a gradual increase in demand for processed foods. This has in turn created a huge demand-pull from manufacturing, filling and label applicator machines. Equipment sales have been steadily rising and some of the affected machines include the following.

Packaging Machineries

Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator

The growth of the shrink sleeve label applicator machines and other packaging machines is estimated at 6.5% per annum. Much of the growth in demand is from the South American, Chinese and the Indian market. The growth from North American and the European markets tends to be at a stable pace. The main driver of growth remains to be the food and beverage sector, while that for house hold chemicals follows closely.

Viscous Filler Machine

Increased demand for packaged liquid products has also led to greater demand for viscous filler machines. The pharmaceutical products manufacturers, especially those making liquid formulations, have also enhanced the demand of these filling machines.

Pickle Filler Machine

The sales of this equipment have been enhanced by increasing demand for chemicals, drugs and pesticides. The emerging market of Africa led by Egypt and the Gulf States are increasingly ordering these products along with bulk chemical formulations. This trend has also been seen on the cap lining machines, empty bottle shrink sleeve labeling machines, Shrink Wrapping Machine and the shrink sleeve heat tunnel equipments. The need for increased throughput and reduced lead times for order fulfillments has meant that the manufacturers must increase their innovation to create multi tasking machines with minimal down times. This has in turn negatively affected the demand for older manual and less automated equipments, in favor of the advanced machines.

Paint Filling Machine

The automatic and semi automatic paint filling machines market has been vibrant since the year 2014. Increasing innovation, such as addition of multiple heads and conveyors, has been a key factor driving competition. Increasing population, rural – urban migrations have also meant an increase in demand for good housing. This has had a ripple effect in the paint manufacturing industries, which support the real estate development.

Market researchers have estimated a 4.9 % average growth rate in the market between the year 2015 and year 2020.

Cap Lining Equipment

The major market segments for the cap lining machines are the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care/beauty products industries.  It is estimated that the demand for these equipments will continue to increase boosted by rising demand in beverages and bottled water.

Heat Shrink Tunnel Machines

Research and analysis done by manufacturing companies show that that there is a growing demand for the food packaging capital equipments. This research has shown that there is also increasing interest and demand from developing countries. Industry improvements such as automated food manufacturing have demanded the use of modern packaging systems, for contaminant free packaging of finished products.

The supply of polyolefin, used in the shrink tunnel machines is also a key factor in the growth and expansion of their market. Fluctuations in crude oil prices, affect the prices of the shrink film used by these machines. There has also been very high competition among manufacturers, but the fact remains that the demand for these machines will certainly continue.

This article is written by – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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