Ghee Filling Machine – Jar Ghee Filling Machine, Tin Ghee Filling Machine

Ghee Filling Machine


Mulipack Machine is Leading manufacturing and export , supply of Ghee filling line inlcuding, Ghee filling , capping , induction , Shrink Sleeve applicator for Jar , we have different kif of filling line for  ghee jar filling machine , Pet Jar Ghee Filling Machine , Ghee / Butter Filling machine, Fully Automatic Ghee Jar Filling Machine , PET Bottle and HDPE Ghee filling machine, Filling Machine, Ghee Filling Machine for Pet Jar, Automatic Ghee Jar Filling Machine, Ghee Jar Filling Machine, Ghee Packing Machine , Ghee Packing Machine , ghee packing machine manufacturer , ghee tin packing machine , ghee bottle sealing machine , ghee filling machine manufacturer, desi ghee packing machine , ghee packing bottles and Jar filling line with 2 nozzle to 12 nozzle filling line with Inline Capper and labeling machines speed 20 bottle / Jar per minute to 200 bottle per minutes.


  • Technical Specifications:
    Power  440 Volts / 3 Phases / 50 Hz
    Product Ghee
    Air Pressure 6-8 Kg
    Fill Volume 100ml-1000ml-with help of change parts
    Output  20-200 BPM -Depend of fill volume and neck size of bottle


    Complete Filling Machine is included below assembly:

    • Single Servo Base Piston operating
    • PLC + Touch Screen controlled panel for electrical controls.
    • Volume Adjustable from PLC – NO Tools required
    • Height adjustment facility for different bottle sizes.
    • Multi Dose filling arrangement – on request
    • Multi head dozers
    • Diving nozzles.
    • SS hopper.
    • SS conveyor  with ‘stop-release line automation’,
    • ‘no-bottle-no- fill ‘controls,   
    • Stoppers to accurately stop bottles/cans under the filling nozzle.
    • Optical/Proximity sensors to sense arrival of bottles to filling station.
    • CIP mode for rinsing of product cylinders, valves and nozzles.
    • Main electric panel with VFD, Operating panel, emergency switch, push buttons & PLC Operation.
    • Nozzle mechanical divining assembly
    • Conveyor assembly
    • Slat chain conveyor with side guide
    • Main electric panel with SMPS, VFD, Operating panel with PLC, emergency switch & push buttons.
    • Mechanical operation with motor, gearbox, cam, gears etc.

Technical parameter

Capacity of Filling Line 50-200 Bottle per Min.  (Depend on material foaming character)
Design for conveyor height. 800 mm  ±  50 mm adjustable
Rotating direction of the slat chain conveyor Clockwise from operating panel box (Left to Right)
Speed Variable with A.C. drive
Filling unit 2 to 12 Nozzle  
Required power supply 1 phase , 230 V AC
Surface Finish 220 Grit matt finish
Required change part Piston and nozzle set
Process The equipment shall be used to Fill the material with specified Bottle size.
No any components are required for calibration.  No any components are required for calibration.
  • The equipment should be compliant with SS-304, SS-316 parts, M.S., C.I. casting with hard chrome, aluminum etc.
  • All sub assembly synchronized with main assembly.
  • Conveyor  with variable speed
  • Speed reduction system consisting of Motor & Reduction gearbox.
  • Main electric panel, operating panel &safety system with VFD & panel box.
Safety features Adequate safety features for men and material shall be provided in operation manual.
Electrical system The electrical system of the equipment shall be housed as per the standard with adequate safety.

Identification of components for calibration:-

In the Filling Machine the following components needs calibration. They shall be calibrated during/ before installation of the equipment at the site:

The Components are as follows:

  1. PLC  Panel
  2. VFD


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Fully Automatic Ghee Jar Filling Machine , PET Bottle and HDPE Ghee Jar Tin filling machine
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