Shrink Wrapping Machine – Shrink Wrapper machine


Shrink Wrapper

Packing form:2×3、3×4、4×6 (or appointed packing spec )

  1. Packing speed: 25 pcs/min
  2. Applicable container: round or quadrate container
  3. Working voltage: three-phase-five-line 380V/50~60Hz
  4. Working pressure:0.6-0.8Mpa
  5. Shrink chamber: L×W×H=2500×700×450(mm)
  6. Shrink temperature:200℃~280℃
  7. Packaging material: PE
    Width of film roll: ≤600mm
    Thickness of film roll: 0.06~0.12mm
    Diameter of film roll: ≤350mm
  8. Working noise: ≤65DB
  9. Tall power:48KW
  10. Tall weight:4500kg
  11. Machine size:L×W×H=16685×1530×2500(mm) (include conveyor)
  12. Max width of conveyor:610mm; Height of conveyor: According to height of produce line (Adjustable range 150mm)


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