Four Nozzle Liquid Filing Machine


Automatic Four Head Volumetric Linear Liquid Bottle Filler Machine (Model SBLF-100) is suitable for bottles with max. Speed of 80 bottles/minute.

The Bottle Filling Machines’ output depends on-

  • Nature of liquids,
  • Bottle diameter,
  • Bottle height,
  • Bottle neck size and fill volume.

Four Nozzles Liquid Filing Machine is constructed with fully Stainless Steel finish includes-

  • Machine frame structure
  • Optional Turn Tables (In-feed & Out-feed with individual drives that match the speed of incoming and outgoing bottles for easy execution.
  • SS316 materials have been used for the all parts coming in contacts with liquid and rubber stoppers.

Salient Features

  • No Bottle – No Fill System, No Bottle – Machine Stop System
  • All contact parts made of Ss316 material with easy removal system for Auto- Claving/Sterilization/Cleaning
  • Machine construction in SS 304 material
  • Diving Nozzle for Foam free filling
  • Very High Fill Accuracy
  • Automatic Infeed and Exit of Bottles
  • Minimum Change Over time
  • Unique Free Spinning Bottle Seperator- No pneumatic operation
  • Built-in A.C. Variable Freq. Drive System


  • Bottle Diameter Upto 90mm*
  • Fill Range 30ml to 500ml with help of Change Parts / Syringe
  • Accuracy +/- 1% Depending on Liquid with Single Dose
  • Electrical 220 VAC Single Phase Power Supply (50 Hz)
  • Power 2.0 H.P.
  • Speed Max. 80 Bottles per minuite
  • Syringe Fill Range 10ml to 50ml,50ml to 100ml, 100ml to 250ml and 250ml to 1000ml
  • Conveyor Height 800-850 mm


4 Nozzle Liquid Filing Machine Video

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