Find out the Usability of Shrink Sleeve Applicator in Packing Domestic Products

Shrink bottle Tunnel

Packaging for Domestic Products

  • Domestic products such as beverages, food items, medicines and cosmetics have to be packed with corrosion resistant and moisture free packaging materials.
  • Since, there are possibilities of contamination during packaging or shipment choosing the right packaging and labelling process stays a mandatory requirement.

Regulations for Labelling Domestic Products

  • Labelling gives the finishing touch to packaging process and hence labelling material need to withstand the influence of atmospheric changes.
  • For domestic products safe and non-hazardous adhesives have to be applied in wrapping labels and shrink sleeve stays the perfect option.

Labelling Machinery and its Advantages

  • Labelling machinery is available in compact sizes and can match different types and shapes of products which are to be labelled.
  • With automated labelling machines it is possible to label more products at a very short time.

Shrink Sleeve Applicator for Labelling Domestic Items

  • Shrink sleeve applicator is a high speed labelling machine which uses the shrink application.
  • It is a secondary compact machine and can be relied upon for trouble free labelling application.

Multipack- The Best Place to Find Reliable Shrink Sleeve Machine

  • Multipack offers automatic as well as customized packaging equipments for domestic and chemical products.
  • Machinery supplied by them is known for reliability, durability, speedy performance and moderate price.


Domestic products demand complete protection from atmospheric and transit damages. Hence, secondary packaging like labelling is considered a very important feature to maintain the purity of the product. A automatic shrink sleeve applicator machine will remain a suitable machine that can cover all the requirements.

This article is written by Arjun Rao – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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