Features of Stretch Wrapping Machine & Induction Cap Sealing Machine

Stretch wrapping machine is used to wrap up the boxes, containers and big cartons at a final dispatch from the factories. The boxes need to be transported across the destinations. For which the small boxes need to place in group on the turning pallet, then the machine wrap the stretched film around the boxes to form the grip and good binding of materials to keep intact during transportation to the retail end.

Features & Applications of Stretch Wrapping Machine
Stretch wrapping machine is one of the most important packaging machinery used widely in various industrial applications including food, beverages, consumer and solid material packaging etc. The machine is controlled by PLC that can be set for wrapping and rotating the pallet at the desired speed. The packaging is completely automized for perfect wrapping with fixed sort of force and stretching.

This type of wrapping is more reliable, flexible than human packaging. Rotary turntable is fully automatic. Each machine has different load capacity per hour. It gives perfect finishing to the product.

The entire operation of stretch wrapping machine is automatic controlled by PLC controller for stretching, wrapping and cutting. This wrapping machine has reduced the human labor, cost of packaging, save a lot of time and speedy wrapping have made the work fast. There are different types of wrapping machines are manufactured like pallet stretch wrapping machine, box stretch wrapping and reel stretch wrapping etc.

Induction Cap Sealing Machine
Induction cap sealing machine is used in capping of the container with heat sealing technology.  The machine is used to cap the various types of bottles, jars, mugs and any vessels that containing the material. The induction heat sealing machine is used widely in food, dairy, beverages, chemicals and pharmaceutical industry to pack liquids and powders to make the packing firmed to avoid the material spillage and contamination in any condition. This is the tight bondage and special cover to bottle that protects and preserves even the quality of material. Multipack Machinery Company offers the machine in various configurations covering the neck diameter of bottles from 20mm onwards. The conveyor belt in machinery is used to pass the bottles or packets through the sealer component.

The machine is available in various models and features like the machine stops working on auto sensing of no bottle or bottle jam condition. The machines from multipack machinery company are auto sensing and stop working in any harmful conditions like over voltage or current, spike and surge condition etc.

The information given in this article will be very much useful to readers to have detailed information about stretch wrapping machine and induction cap sealing machine including the features and industrial applications.

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