Extracts filling machine is used to fill various types of extracts, essential oils in small container sizes as well for larger bulk sizes. The machines are available in different range of filling volumes. Net weigh filling machine / Servo Pump Filling Machine is used to fill the expensive liquids with higher accuracy in large and bulk containers by the flavour producers. Many a times it needs to fill low quantity extracts with varieties so it needs to changeover the product frequently within low time frame. Therefore a filling machine for extracts and essential oil should be easy to clean to avoid cross contamination of flavours.

Net weigh fillers use an open scale and accurately account for the tare weight of all different container types. There is often no concern for the shape or volume of the containers; the product quantity delivered is always precise. Thus Weigh Filling Machine is truly flexible for wide range of products it can produce. It is a low speed machine except for rotary systems that are rare, extremely expensive and beyond the scope of this description.

Net weigh systems have a fairly low container/minute output and a higher investment cost. Cross contamination can be controlled by very low scope of little to no “extra” fluid path to clean.

Servo Pump Filling Machine for Flavors and Extracts



Servo Pump Filler is highly accurate volumetric filling machine with great versatility, easy to operate and clean. The size of container to be filled is not limited due to the programmable servo controlled pump is used on every nozzle. 5 gallon totes and quart product containers can be filled quickly and efficiency with the use of servo pump filling machine.

The machine is used for bulk density of product when the batches are not changed frequently. Though machine is quite flexible in cleaning, the substantial amount of fluid path can be occupied with residual product as wastage so it is not advisable for filling when product value is very high. Servo controlled pump/nozzle integration on this machine is quite expensive.

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