Empty bottle Shrink Tunnel with Rotating systems


Shrink Sleeve Tunnel description

Many industry demand Shrink Sleeve Tunnel  offer to wide range HDPE bottles, plastic HDPE bottle, packaging HDPE bottle, industrial HDPE bottle and HDPE bottles for dry syrup/suspension , agrochemicals products, bio pesticides, crop care products, crop fertilizer & crop insecticides. HDPE plastic bottles, printed HDPE bottles, HDPE rectangular bottles and HDPE triangular bottles,hdpe bottle for edible oil, plastic hdpe juice bottle with nozzle cap. Also offering balm bottle & cap, heavy vertical grooved flip-top cap for cream & pet bottle for edible oil,pet agro bottles, colored Hdpe bottles, plastic bottles, wide mouth Hdpe bottles and narrow mouth Hdpe bottles , toilet cleaner, hdpe bottle, hand wash bottle, aloe vera bottle, spray bottle

Shrink Sleeve Tunnel  machine is used to apply or insert shrink sleeve label on the container , Plastic jars, Caps, Plugs, Twisters, Multilayer plastic container & jerry cans for applying heat shrinkable sleeve label or neckbands sleeve most suitable for  food packages ranging from bottles, yogurt cups, margarine bowls and eye drop containers. Shrink sleeves can wrap and conform to a container’s every curve, enabling complete decoration of unusual shapes from top to bottom with 360 degrees. Shrink sleeves are widely used to decorate everything from foods, beverages, cosmetic, medical and even personal products like eye drop, lighter, marker pen.

Shrink Sleeve Tunnel  suitable for pet bottle, syrup plastic pet bottle, pharma pet bottle, liquor bottle , coconut oil bottles, powder plastic bottles, lubricant oil plastic bottles, handwash plastic bottles and chemical plastic bottles , Plastic Containers / HDPE Bottles for Automotive Lube Oil, Agro-Chemicals, Edible Oil, Pesticides, Pharmaceuticals, Beauty, Cosmetic Industries.

The material we used

  • All Electrical components are Siemens make or equivalent,
  • All Switches are Sulzer or equivalent,
  • Flexible cable should be provided with pvc air hose protection.
  • Separate amp meter for all three-phase circuit.
  • Stud type connector for cable termination,
  • Incoming mcb 32 amp Indo-Copp make or equivalent,
  • Blower Motor’s are Remi make.
  • Blower Motor is separately controlled.


Temp. Req.          

100’ To 120’ Degree Centigrade to  Chamber,


Heater With Heating System. Total 10 KW

Motive Load     

1 Hp Conveyor , And 1 Hp Blower Fan Load


Variable A.C. Drive With “Vfd” Facility ,

Tunnel Open

300 Mm  H   X    250 Mm  W,


Separate Mounted  Panel For Machine,


Special High Density Cerawool Linning,

Hear Radiation

For Hire Out Put  Inner Reflectors


Attractive Spray Colour,


40-80 bottle Per Minute – depend on bottle sizes and operators speed

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