Effective Cap sealing with Wad Inserting Machine

Double head wad inserting machine SBWI-120

Infograph is all about the effective Cap sealing with Wad Inserting Machine that is applied for inserting suitable liner material into the cap circumference. It is also provide information about role of conveyors with automatic sorting and how caps are provided with automatic lining too.

Every cap is fixed with induction wad with the help of pneumatic actuator which sets the wad inside the cap and a mechanically operated rod keep up the wad pressing work. Kindly Visit – Induction Wad Inserting Machine (Cap Lining Machine)

Effective Cap sealing with Wad Inserting Machine

The MMC cap lining machine is designed to punch round or different shaped wads/liners from a reel and place it into plastic/metal caps. The MMC cap lining machine can operate at speeds of 250 bottles per minute or higher depending on the models. The diameter of the caps can be changed depending on the need and process all types of liners the market may require.

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This infograph is posted by Arjun Rao – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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