Do You Know that Investing in Shrink Tunnels can Reduce Operating Cost and Save Time in Packaging?

Bottle Steam Tunnel

Preparation of Shrink Materials

Shrink sleeves or shrink films are flexible packaging films that is sent to heating process to get it shrink. This shrink material becomes flexible to closely wrap the product. This packing method is applied to protect the product from damages caused during transit, leakage and above all it acts as a good sealing method.

Unique Features of Shrink Tunnel

When compared to manual wrapping procedure, investing in shrink tunnel device is relatively cost effective and time saving. This device can handle many products for packaging in shorter time and when compared to manual packaging tunnels can be depended on for good productivity.

Why Industries Prefer Shrink Tunnel for Packaging?

Shrink tunnel machine applied wrapping method by heating the shrink film which tightly covers up the products. It is suitable to handle packaging requirements for different materials and considered as a good sealant as well. Cosmetic, food and beverages industries make use of this technology at large for leakage resistant quality.

Productivity advantages of Shrink Tunnel

Shrink tunnels is one of the cost effective machinery that can be preferred for shrink wrapping of bottles of various sizes. It is also a suitable packaging device to pack containers that need to be wrapped with shrink material. Similarly for tight sealing requirement through wrapping, shrink tunnel stays the ideal option.


Know about the Types of products handled by Shrink Tunnel

It is possible to seal products of different ranges such as packaging boxes, cartons, bottles, pallet loads, soup containers, medicine bottles, perishable products, etc, with shrink tunnels. Similarly, when it comes to safety aspects, tunnels are designed for safe operation and hence, guarantee for the products are assured.

Shrink Tunnel for Labeling

Label shrink materials are printed packaging films that are applied for protective and branded identity purpose. Many industries that produce identical type of products need a distinct feature to highlight the respective brand, shrink labels will stay the right solution and Shrink tunnel machine for labeling is the suitable and cost effective option.


How and Where to buy Shrink Tunnels?

It is always advisable to buy packaging machinery from manufacturers who can consider customization requests of industries. Multipack Machineries is a leading manufacturer and supplier of secondary packaging machines and we are keen to provide packaging equipments as per the industrial requirements.

Types of shrink wrapping machines offered by Multipack Machinery

Shrink wrapping is a most admired and useful packaging method and Multipack Machinery offers wide range of shrink packaging machinery  such as shrink sleeve applicator machine, shrink tunnel, stretch wrap machine, labeler machine, filler and capping machines, etc.

Shrink Tunnel offered by Multipack Machinery

We offer shrink tunnels made of higher grade materials and our tunnels are designed with prominent conveyors that are capable of wrapping films on the products in few seconds. Pricing is another attractive aspect one can find at Multipack Machinery as we offer machineries at market’s competitive price.


Shrink wrapping is an innovative method that provides protection for the product. Shrink tunnel stays cost effective equipment that can manage wrapping in few seconds.

This article is written by Arjun Rao – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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