Different Types of Stretch Wrapping Machines for Packaging Industry

Many companies producing goods prefer to use stretch wrap materials. The stretch wrap material comes with many benefits including cost and, expandability. For the stretch wrap to be used in covering products, companies using the technology must buy a stretch wrapping machine. The stretch wrapping machine purchased help to wrap products around easily.


Different types of stretch wrapping material are available in the market. Though they differ in design, performance and other concerns, most work in the same way. After the packaging of goods in cartons and other materials, the product passes through the machine where wrapping materials run through on the outside. This holds the packaging materials firmly. In most cases, the packaging material passes through the automatic packing line with stretch wraps. The pallet stretch wrap used depend on the products inside the packaging material. For efficiency, consider using a strong wrapper transparent. This helps to hold products tightly while at the same time allowing people to see what is inside the pack.

Types of stretch wrapper machine:

Clients buying stretch wrapping machine choose from different models in the market. The automatic sleeve sealer works well for big products sealed across four sides. It can work well with different shrink or wrapping solution. It works automatically to deliver, push and seal. The Box strapping machine is the ideal wrapper used in applications like welding, airports, tile industry, newspaper units and meat processing. It is energy efficient and comes in different designs. The carton sealer benefit companies using the same size carton once, then changes to another size. It works by folding carton flaps automatically before sealing. This machine works well with the edge or sleeve sealer to add tape. The pallet stretch wrapping machine offer cost efficient way of covering carton boxes and products inside from moisture and general damage when transporting.

In most cases, it uses cling film and works in great speed. This machine offers bidirectional wrapping and works well on garments, computer accessories, food and handicraft items. The pallet stretch wrapping machine has the speed to give users affordable wrapping. This gives extra strength to products. It saves on power, good adaptability with high efficiencies. When used, it allows protection against moisture and dust. It is best for export use, packing pallets, textile products and ceramics. The reel stretch wrapping machines helps in pulling the reel tape on paper roils, coil, rubber parts, non woven material and other products packed in small reels. The machine reduces labor by automation techniques. It detaches and attaches the film directly. The only requirements involve putting your product on the turn table before it automatically puts the reel.

To get the best stretch wrapping, it is ideal to get the machine directly from the manufacturer or licensed dealers. Other clients prefer ordering the device online to get discounts. Before buying, make sure that you get the company wrapping and package procedures well. Read more in detail for Stretch Wrapping Machines for Packaging Industry.

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