Different Types of Sleeve Applicator, Labeler or Label Applicator

Multipack Machinery Company emerges as the leading Company of shrink sleeve applicator manufacturers having an input power of 2.0kw. By offering stable transmissions for packaging bottles, the machine finds perfect applications in the beverage, dairy, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Our machine offers high precision, thus resulting in the accurate label casting. According to the characteristics of the shrink wrapping machine, we make improvement from the aspects of mechanical structure, circuit design, and intellectual control to improve the production efficiency. It can satisfy the demands of various beverage manufacturers as well as reduce the production cost for the clients and improve the production rate.

Traditional technology of casting label, the equipment can integrate three to four trapping label machine varieties into one. It only needs to change the modules to realize the casting label of different varieties & types.

Salient features

♦      The unit is made compact & versatile as per GMP norms.

♦      The structure of sleeve applicator and conveyor are made of SS 304 and the structure of tunnel is made from MS with powder coating.

♦      Rigid vibration free construction for trouble free performance.

♦      The SS 304 slat conveyor for proper product conveying. (For the processes of sleeve inserting and sleeve shrinking.

♦      Worm for the positive feeding.

Shrink sleeves have been around for a while, but many designers have not had experience working within shrink sleeve templates and die lines. Based off our experience and customer feedback, here is some mistakes to avoid when designing a shrink sleeve.

Before you start designing, consider the shape of the container you are using and what areas will shrink the most.

The folds of the shrink sleeve are indicated by the dotted lines on the template below. Since the sleeves are folded prior to application, sometimes the fold lines can be slightly visible after they are applied.

When you are determining the size of elements on your shrink sleeve – like the brand name or logo – don’t forget that shrink film shrinks!

Step outside the confines of a standard label and get creative with your shrink sleeves.

If you are using a co-packer, send them your design to ensure there will be no special eye-marks needed for their equipment to accurately apply the shrink sleeves.

Multipack shrink sleeve label machine high speed uses newest shrink technology with mmi and plc. base control panel. The bary centre and base have been accurately design, even use this machine with high speed for long time machine running still very stable and smoothly.

Many model with all kind of speed selection from 50/minute to 200/minute and is suitable for wide range; it can be modified according to package’s shape. Can meet, all kind of required no matter it is for cap or sleeve applicator for bottles. The machine is suitable for pharmaceutical, food industries; it can be for health-food, medicines, juices, milk, drinks, etc.

According to flexible packaging, “the heat shrink sleeve applicator format in north America is clipping along at a seven percent growth rate, as it branches beyond food and beverage, Nutraceuticals and household chemicals, and makes inroads into new categories like health and beauty.

Our sleeve applicator machines are specially designed sleeve line with full body and partial labeling.  Multipack offer you a complete shrink sleeve application line with system including shrink sleeve applicator, conveyor, shirking tunnel (electrical and steam) shrink wrapping machine finally packing by shrink film or cartons, also offer separate stand-alone units.

 Multipack Machinery is leading suppliers and manufacturers of Shrink wrap for bottles. The sleeve covered neck of the bottle is when passed through the tunnel, the right amount of heat applied on the sleeve wraps the neck of the bottle firmly. The Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine is perfect for packing bottled items without cork such as glass bottle; pop can, mineral water and several beverages.

Bottle/jars are automatically fed (or in line with other units) on the running conveyor of the applicator. Roll type sleeve should be loaded on the unwind station.

Shrink wrapping machine for boxe is especially to outside decoration packaging of square-shaped and box. The box over packing machine is widely applied in many industries, such as Pharmaceutical, Food, Daily chemistry, Cosmetics, Publishing industry, IT etc. The products are packed by MULTIPACK, the outside package will provide perfect protect to products, such as moisture-proof, dust proof. Coin-freed device will combined with the package, can provide brand protect to your company. It can used to pack the material, such as Medical box, Gum, Health products, Tea-leaf, Cubic-sugar, Disk, condom, Cigarette, tape, Poker, Soap, Square-shape battery, and etc.

Here is the major shrink wrap machine working principle

Many of us don’t really think about how a shrink wrap machine works or how the plastic ends up wrapped tightly around the product.

However, it is about controlling and manipulating polymer particles; polymers are long atoms found in plastic, where they are generally twisted and arbitrary, and therefore unsuitable to act as a wrap.

When they are made into a plastic film for shrink wrapping, the molecules are extended straight into a thin layer, perfect for wrapping around another product.

This film is then positioned around whatever needs to be wrapped. Once the warmth is connected to the film, it shrinks, because the heat makes the polymers come back to their regular tangled state.

How much a polymer shrinks depends on what kind of polymer it is: PVC shrink wrap film can shrink as much as 50 percent of its unique size, while polyolefin shrink wrap film shrinks slightly less, despite offering stronger seals than PVC.

Shrink wrapping is a procedure where an item is wrapped in a free sleeve or envelope of loose polyolefin shrink film, and heat shrinks the wrap and firmly around the product.

The result is a tight, crystal clear wrap around your item.

How a shrink wrapping machine operates depends on the type of shrink wrapping machine involved.

The three significant kinds of shrink wrapping machines are the chamber sealer, the L-sealer, and a side sealer.

Global demand of shrink sleeve applicator machine

Shrink-Sleeve Labels Expected to Exhibit Huge Demand is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.6% between 2019 and 2024. The growth of packaging machinery industry, demand for automated labeling solutions, increasing consumer awareness regarding packaging, the requirement for packaging in the food industry, need for high speed & high-quality labeling solutions are expected to be the key factors propelling the growth of the automatic labeling machine market.

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