Demand of Viscous Liquid Filling Machines in Africa and Gulf Countries

In Africa, the market tending to the pharmaceutical sector has witnessed extensive growth and development. This development is particularly noticeable during the last few years, to be more precise during the last ten years. According to one of the studies, as far as the pharmaceutical products are concerned, Egypt happens to be one of the leading consumers. The surging popularity of this particular sector, has, in turn, increased the demand for the processing equipment. The viscous liquid filling machine is one of the commonly used processing equipment. The demand for this equipment is on the rise in Africa.


The scenario is not different in the Gulf countries. The rising demand for chemicals, drugs, and pesticides has indirectly boosted the popularity of the liquid filling machine. Moreover, the oil industry is the backbone of the Gulf economy. This aspect, in turn, justifies the demand pull for the liquid filling machines. The rising demand for the prescription products including medicines, oils and chemicals has led manufacturers to introduce innovative methods of processing. The liquid filling device can be used for filling bottles of different types. It has the facility for calibration and recalibration. So, more and more Gulf-based product manufacturers are resorting to this device for packing pharmaceutical products including nose drops, nasal sprays, cough syrups, decongestants and eye ointments.

  • Pickle / High Viscous Liquid Filling Machine

The High Viscous Liquid Filling Machine that facilitates linear automation also ensures container interchangeability. The equipment has been devised in such a way as to maximize the filling capacity. The height is adjustable to suit the height of the various types of containers. The design and structure of the high viscous filling machine are operator friendly. It facilitates the filling of thick fluid which is high in viscosity. Right from packaging pickle mixture to filling gear and axle oil, the machine is used to pump high viscous substances.

  • Powder Filling Machine

The machine integrates with a turntable which serves as a platform for the bottles that are to be filled in with dry powder. The table channelizes the dry bottles and guides it along the conveyor belt for the purpose of feeding. The Powder Filling Machine consists of a filling head, bottle holders that pneumatically operate and the magnetically effective bottle sensors. Once the filling process gets over, the sensors transmit the messages so that the filled bottles can be shifted to the conveyor belt.

  • Granule Filling Machine

The machine facilitates the packing of the free flowing granulated items such as chemically composed granules and even edible items like tea, sugar, pulses and grains. It consists of the filling cups which are frictionless and have the facility for telescopic adjustment. The Granule Filling Machine also consists of the unipressure collector and calibrated scrappers. The drop counter of the machine with its manual, as well as, automated setting helps predetermine the amount that is to be packed.

  • Weighmetric Filling Machine

With the help of this particular machine, it is possible to predetermine the exact weight, or for that matter, the exact amount of the free flowing granulated items that come in for packing. The machine has a specially devised load cell that helps in controlling the weight of the product that is to be packed. The system of feeding has an electromagnetic vibrator that maximizes efficiency.

  • Drum Filling Machine

The machine that integrates with the conveyor-based system consists of drums that are shaped as the tote, and pallets and a calibrated platform. This particular type of equipment is ideally suited for filling liquid which is not that viscous in nature including clarified butter, cooking oil, petrol, diesel and semi-liquid medicines.

  • Tin Filling Machine

This particular equipment is also a part of the conveyor-based system. The mechanism meant for filling is pneumatically operated. The machine consists of the main stand, conveyor, turntable and a display that shows the rate of flow.

These are some of the examples of viscous liquid filling devices. As sophisticated systems of processing, they have high demand as industries based in Africa and Gulf are significantly dependant on these.

This article is written by – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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