Buy One Get One Offer Packaging Gets a Revamped Look

Buy one get one offers always creates a sort of happiness within the customers. Who wouldn’t want to get two for the price of one?  2 for the cost of one promote the concept of value for money for the customers and prove to be a huge benefit for the manufacturers since it clears off their stocks faster. It is common for people to buy more of that item than usual.  These items often get difficult to manage being in larger quantity. To do away with these hassles, the producers have now started introducing BOGO products in dual chambered shrink sleeve label applicator packaging. These packaging make way for a neat presentation and hassle free carrying of the products. Let’s find out about little more about the advantages it advantages that it brings with itself.

Why Use the Dual Chambered Shrink-Sleeve Packaging

It contains two or more compartments for on-packs and multi-packs that promote the side by side placement of the products.  The chamber efficiently secures the products in its place and also reduces the space for label promotion. Their benefits are stated as follows:

shrink sleeve label applicator

  • Sense of Branding: They can be made available in up to eight colours and have the same effect such as matte varnish and foils. The print can be customized and it also gives all round coverage to the containers. These labels offer scope for the display of more creativity with their presentation of the brand and promotional schemes combined with the product information.
  • Building Consumer Confidence: The sleeves act as a form of security and helps consumers in having extra confidence on the product based on its packaging. The transparency helps the consumers to find out all the details of the product in an unfiltered format, making the products more approachable and confidence worthy
  • Durability of the Product: Shrink sleeves are a tenacious material. It means that it can endure the travelling and reaching of the product on the counter shelf with the product in the intact state. This part is especially important for BOGO offers since the products there are clamped together and misplacement of any of them from the lot will ruin the entire pack and incur a loss.
  • Product Sustainability: Shrink sleeves are created keeping the environment in mind. These are environmentally friendly films that polylactic acid and biopolymer that is corn based. All of these are biodegradable products and are environment friendly.
  • Cost Effective: The shrink sleeves are extremely cost effective since they are made for environmental friendly substances. These are much more affordable in comparison to overwraps which are not environment friendly and paperboards. The other reason for these being cost effective is that the same machinery can be used for the packaging of similar and dissimilar shaped containers together.

Why Is Sleeve Label In Demand?

Sleeve name request is generally determined by its points of interest as far as showcasing and brand personality, and additionally its visual on-rack speak to purchasers. New advancements in sleeve label movies and assembling procedures are additionally enhancing the quality and meaning of sleeve names on a constant premise. Other market drivers for sleeve names incorporate monetary impacts, customer interest for comfort items and retail fashion.

Do Remember

The use of dual chambered shrink-sleeve packaging has been constantly on the rise due to its characteristics. The reasons stated above are facts and should encourage the use of the product for buy one get one items.

This article is written by – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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