Branding and Packaging Key to Successful Marketing and Distribution

First impressions last forever, so goes the adage. It can never be truer than in packaging. Increased and unrelenting competition in the production and marketing of consumer goods has prompted innovation in branding and packaging to rise to higher levels to create a competitive edge. Research has shown that changing the package effectively introduces a new product to customers, offering new advantages in handling and usage.

Liquid Filling and Capping Process

The production, packing and capping processes are vital to the final quality and package. Foaming is one of the main challenges occurring in liquid filling operations. This problem is solved by use of special advanced nozzles especially for products packed under pressure. The filling and capping machines opted by the producer determines the package to be used and caution must be exercised by the management on process design.

Liquid Filling and Capping Process

Matching Products with Suitable Packaging

Depending on the particular characteristics of a product, packaging must be designed to achieve functionality as well as effectively promote the product. Lubes and edible oils tend to have higher surface tension and can be messy to handle during pouring. Innovative packaging such as reshaping the cap increases usability.

Package Workmanship and Sales

The design of the package is a strong marketing strategy. Dealing with common complaints such as leaking packages, difficult to open, sharp edged metallic containers and even ease of breakage can promote the sales of a product. Beverages production and marketing business has extreme competition and the aesthetic appeal of the package aids marketing efforts.

Handling of Carbonated Beverages

Cost Factors Product Packaging

To emerge victorious in the competition, considerable effort and resources must be directed to special handling techniques. The use specialized contract packing filling services enables the organization achieve its quality packaging objectives while reducing its investment costs in packing technology. Contractors have specialized and varied equipments that match varying needs of the packaging process thus are more cost effective.

Label Information in Pesticides and Ancillaries

The level of information disclosure is important in certain products due to the varying usage. Developing a well-designed and informative label is critical to marketing to ensure repeat purchases. Critical information such as the active ingredients and the intended use must be conveyed through proper labeling. Further than packaging, additional shrink filming increases protection to the product.

Handling of Carbonated Beverages

Carbonated beverages require packing that is more specialized and capping lines that allow airtight or sealed pressure handling equipment. The container is first sealed and pressurized with a gas such as carbon dioxide: the liquid is transferred to the container with special delivery means while allowing some of the pressure to escape. Capping follows using the capping machine.


Product packaging is an important marketing and promotion tool. The design and functionality of a package must be carefully developed to enhance appearance and promote the product. Liquid chemical products filling pose foaming challenges to manufacturers and thus require special delivery lines for best placement. Contracted packing and filling services can allow manufacturers reduce packing related costs. Attractive and informative labeling is also important as it enhances the overall quality of appearance.

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