General Specifications

General Specifications

Multipack box overwrapping Machine is especially to outside decoration packaging of square-shaped and box. The box over packing machine is widely applied in many industries, such as Pharmaceutical, Food, Daily chemistry, Cosmetics, Publishing industry, IT etc. The products are packed by BHAGWATI, the outside package will provide perfect protect to products, such as moisture-proof, dust proof. Coin-freed device will combined with the package, canprovide brand protect to your company. It can used to pack the material, such as Medical box, Gum, Health products, Tea-leaf, Cubic-sugar, Disk, condom, Cigarette, tape, Poker, Soap, Square-shape battery, and etc.

The Film Packing Machine can be installed with BHAGWATI other machine and equipment to product line.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications:

Model SB-300D
Packaging material BOPP film, PVC film
Production capacity 5-20 packs/min.
Bag size L(50-300)*W(40-220)*H(10-90)mm
Power supply AC380V 50Hz, 6.5Kw
Working pressure 0.6 Mpa
Air consumption 400L/min.
Weight 750kg
Overall dimension (L*W*H, mm) 2300x910x1850
Input table dimension (L*W*H,mm) 1650x320x930

Salient Features

Salient Features:

  • Compact structure, stable performance, easy to operation and maintenance.
  • PLC control, easy to operate
  • All the machine use the gas driving, easy to maintain
  • Touch screen and friendly interface.
  • The data are showed on touch screen.
  • Auto feeding device and Auto counter.
  • Auto feeding the film use the servo motor. Control the film exactly.
  • Multifunction diagnose software, provide friendly and powerful help.
  • High grade security protect device, protect the safety of machine and operator.
  • Special design, save cost.
  • High precision transducer, stepless variable speed.


Application and Use:

Our box overwrapping machine It can used to pack the material, such as Medical box, Gum, Health products, Tea-leaf, Cubic-sugar, Disk, condom, Cigarette box overwrapping machine, tape, Poker, Soap box overwrapping machine, Square-shape battery box overwrapping machine, Overwrapping machine, cellophane overwrapping machine, bopp overwrapping machine, perfume carton wrapping machine, wrapping machine for perfume cartons, carton box overwrapping machine, perfume box wrapping machine, condom box carton cellophane bopp wrapping machine.


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