Bottle Sleeve Wrapping with Shrink Tunnel Machine

Sleeve Wrapper

  • Sealing Length: 1200mm Front end sealing
  • Sealing Blade will be coated with Teflon coating
  • Air-cooling system after sealing
  • Seal and cut facility suitable for LDPE material
  • Pneumatically operated sealing system
  • Air Pressure req. 6
  • M.O.C: In M.S Duly Powder Coated
  • Two roll feeding system for Film
  • Motorized film unwinding system with geared motors
  • For top roll and bottom roll feeding
  • Dancing roller type sensing system
  • Timer based sealing, cooling and take off system
  • Power: 230V, 50Hz, 15 Amps
  • Sealing watts: 1.2 K.W X 1 No. (Front end)
  • Rubber coated rollers with locking for film holding in top and bottom
  • Motorized conveyor in-feed system
  • Converised take off conveyor with sensors for adjustment
  • Approx Machine Dimension: 1800m (w) X 2400mm (H) X 3000mm (L) Adjustable
  • system for adjusting the sealing width

Shrink Tunnel

  • Chamber Size: 1000mm (W) x 400mm (H)
  • Hot Air Chamber Size: 1000mm (W) X 400mm (H) X 1200mm (L)
  • Cooling Chamber: 1000mm (W) X 400mm (H) X 400mm (L)
  • Machine Dimension: 1800mm (W) X 1400mm (H) X 2400mm (L)
  • Conveyor: Roller type conveyor duly coated
  • Roller will be coated with Silicon sleeves
  • Conveyor Drive: 1 H.P Variable Speed Drive, A.C variable speed drive
  • Digital type variable speed drive
  • Heavy Duty chains with pins for conveyor assembly.
  • Heater: 16 K.W Open type Porcelain heaters for better efficiency and Faster heating.
  • Digital Temperature controller with sensor to control the chamber temperature
  • With PID Controller system
  • Hot Air Blower: High velocity with ‘F’ class insulation, 1/2 H.P Cooling Fan: 200-
  • Watts capacity x 3 Nos
  • Heavy Duty Gear box with the motor
  • Separate indicator for Input lines, Blower, Cooling fan, and Motor
  • Interlocking system between the controls for safety reasons.
  • Insulation: double class, Padded Glass Wool insulation for better heat insulation.
  • Aluminum Heat resistant coating for the Hot Air Chamber.
  • M.O.C: In Mild Steel duly Powder Coated
  • Power: 440V, 50Hz, 3 Phase


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