Bottle Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Technical Description

Basic Design

Shrink-Sleeve Label Applicator high speed incorporates latest shrink technology controlled through HMI (Human Machine Interface) unit and PLC (Programmable Logic Control) Unit. The complete unit is designed in house by company’s team of Design Engineer using advanced software and their core experience in Packaging Machinery. The bary centre and base of the machine have been designed to run this machine at high speed for long duration under stable and smooth operating condition.

    Technical Description

  • Automatic Bottle Feeding (or in line with other units) on the running conveyor of the applicator.
  • Roll type sleeve loaded on the unwind station is built to hold heavy Sleeve Rolls.
  • Web is unwound from the unwind unit through a unwind nip arrangement.
  • Unwind nip pulls Sleeve and travels to the machine head where it is pulled by main feeding roller over the mandrel. (Mandrel is unique design for each size of container)
  • Sleeve is then cut by rotary cutter assembly according to the Length predefined as per container height just below the mandrel  & remains on mandrel till bottle arrives on the conveyor.
  • Bottles are fed to the machine taking care for proper pitching and required feed worm assembly.
  • An electronic sensor senses the presence of bottle under the mandrel and the precut sleeve is dropped over the container in position. This sensor enables the “No Bottle No Sleeve” feature of the machine.
  • Bottles with the sleeve applied to the bottle in position exits the unit through the conveyor.


  • Fully Automatic operation and control.
  • Can handle GLASS / HDPE / PP / PET / METAL TINS in all shapes and sizes.
  • No Bottle – No Sleeve specializes
  • No Bottle – Total halt. (Machine Stops after predefined interval of free run)
  • Rotary Cutter – ensure accurate sleeve cutting and speed.
  • Heave Machine Structure ensure vibration free operation under High Speed.
  • PLC Controlled. (Programmed to custom requirement – reduces undue wiring and maintenance)
  • Machine will have manual up & down arrangement for sleeve length setting.


There can be some minor changes & modification in the Technical Specification for the best improvement of the machine, while designing as per your requirement.

Sleeve Applying Area Full Body Sleeve/ Neck Sleeve / Position Sleeve /
Sleeve Type Shrink Sleeve
Capacity Up to 120 Bottles per minute  (Speed Depends on cut length)
Electric Supply 3 Phase AC supply. 415 Volt – 50 Hz.
Power Required 6.5 KW max
  • Frame structure will be of S.S cladded and internal parts will be of M.S. Electrolysis Nickel plated.
  • Conveyor Motor              :    AC 0.5HP Geared motor make – Bonfiglioli/Hindustan.
  • Feed Screw Motor          :    AC 90 W Geared motor make – Panasonic (VFD Controlled)
  • Sleeve unwind Motor    :    AC 0.25 HP Geared motor.
  • 0.5 HP Drive – 1Nos.
  • Eye mark sensor unit. (If printed sleeves are used)
  • Perforation unit.
  • Dancing unit will be provided to control the web tension for sleeve unwind.
  • PLC / HMI used will be of “Delta” or “Spectra” make. (Other make on demand on special price)


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