Bottle / Jar Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine


Shrink-Sleeve Label Applicator high speed uses newest shrink technology with MMI and PLC base control panel. The bary centre and base have been accurately design, even use this machine with high speed for long time machine running still very stable and smoothly.

Machine Description:

  • Bottle/jars are automatically fed (or inline with other units) on the running conveyor of the applicator.
  • Roll type sleeve should be loaded on the unwind station.
  • Web is unwound from the unwind unit through a unwind nip arrangement.
  • Unwind nip pulls film & get collected in the box from where it is pulled by main feeding roller on mandrel.
  • Film is then cut by rotary cutter & remains on mandrel till bottle/jar comes below it & dropped on it.
  • Bottle/jars are fed to the machine taking care for proper pitching.
  • Bottle/jars with the sleeve applied over the neck come out from the other side.
Machine model MMC-200M
Capacity 200BPM
Powder supply AC3-Phase 220/380V
Eligibility percent ≥99.5%
Total powder 1.5KW
Shrinkable labels
Materials PVC、PET、OPS
Thickness 0.03~0.13mm
Labels Length 40~200Mm
Flat width Max200Mm
Inner Dia. Of Labels roll 76mm
Bottles to pack
Height Max320mm
Diameter Ø28- Ø125mm
Material Glass、Metal 、Plastic
Shapes Round , square, flat , curved cup-shaped bottles
  • Frame structure will be of S.S cladded and internal parts will be of M.S. Electrolysis Nickel plated.
  • 0.5HP “Bontiglioli/Hindustan” makes geared motor for conveyor.
  • “90 Watt Panasonic” makes geared motor for feed screw along with VFD.
  • Variable frequency drive used will be of “Delta” make.
  • 0.5 HP Drive – 1Nos.
  • 0.25 HP geared motor for unwind unit.
  • Eye mark sensor unit. (If printed sleeves are used)
  • Perforation unit.
  • Dancing unit will be provided for control the web tension.
  • PLC used will be of “Delta” Make.
Floor Space requirement: Approximately 1mtr from all sides of the machine.
Hence, clearance of 1mtr should be added to the actual size of the machine.
Operator requirement: 1 Skilled operator & 1 Semi Skilled.


  • Bottle/jars should be of good quality & dried.
  • Sleeve should be of proper specification in Roll form.
  • Operator should understand the working of the machine properly.


  • Fully Automatic operation.
  • Can handle Glass & Polymer bottle/jars.
  • No Bottle/jar – No Sleeve
  • No Bottle/jar – Total halt.
  • Rotary Cutter.
  • Rigid Structure with Good Speed.
  • PLC Controlled. (To cut off wiring complications)
  • Machine will have manual up & down arrangement.


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