Bottle & Jar Foil Sealing Machine , Bottle & Jar Foil Sealer

Bottle Foil Sealing machine

Bottle Foil Heat Sealing Machine

This machines are highly acclaimed for their high speed operation. These can be used for Bottle filling line with online and offline applications. Bottle and Jar Foil Sealing machine  used for applying the round shape , Squire shape of plastic, PET, Glass Bottle ,LDPE and HDPE bottles with the help of change parts. 

The bottle, jars come on conveyor and goes to the machine the machine seal the bottle.


Technical Details of Bottle & Jar Foil Sealing Machine , Bottle & Jar Foil Sealer
ModelMMC – 120 Foil Sealing machine for Bottle and Jar 
Bottle and Jar  Size50mm-100mm Diameter Height :50-200mm , Also offer customized 
Position:Screw Position
Capacity30-90 bottles/min 
Film MaterialTransparent film or aluminum film 
Air ConsumptionTransparent film or aluminum film 
Voltage0.6-0.8Mpa , we will supply Powder / Voltage as per customer requirement 
Overall Dimension2500×1220× 1900mm  – L X W  X H
Net Weight1250KG

Application of Bottle & Jar Foil Sealing Machine , Bottle & Jar Foil Sealer : Neutraceutical Jar & Bottle, Chocolate & Powder Bottle, milk powder Jar and  Bottle, Pickle Jar and  Bottles, Cosmetic Jar , Bottles, Lip Balm Bottle, Yogurt Pet and HDPE Bottles, mayonnaise Pet Bottle, Petroleum Jelly Containers, Jam Bottles and Jar , Juice Pet Bottles, coffee powder jars, Ghee Pet Bottles, syrup Pet Bottles, honey Jar and Bottles..

Film Sealing machine for bottle, jars ,jar can tin spice film sealer for spice, pepper, salt, rice, curry powder, talc powder, garlic powder
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