Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine (Stretch Wrap Equipment)


Our Automatic stretch wrapping machine – 1200A comes with rotating arm and used for wrapping palletized loads with stretch-film. This machine can wrap any load easily and economically.


  • Use cantilever wrapping the products tightly without moving the pallet for making sure the product safety. Suitable for heavy or unstable loads.
  • The pallet will be delivered to its position, and automatically proceed pressing, stretching, wrapping, cutting, clamping the film and send out the pallet. This stretch wrap equipment does not require an operator.
  • Wrapping speed is adjustable.
  • Install the safe palisade for the safety concerned.
  • The photoelectric cell can read the pallet height automatically
  • Commonly fit for automatic production line.
  • Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine can match with the top sheet dispenser that is applied to the top of the load.
  • Ideal for higher pallets loads or light weight pallet loads, large and extra width pallet to wrap, which are not suitable for turntable wrapping.
  • 360 degree swinging rotary arm doing the wrapping with pallet load staying in place.


Model CHW-1200A
Power 3φ, 220V/380V/415V/440V 50/60HZ
Power consumption 5000W
Wrapping height 2000mm
Pallet size L600~1200x W 800~1100 x H200~2300mm
Cantilever Speed MAX 27 rounds / min
Wrapping speed 60~70 pallets / hour
Stretch film material PE
Stretch film specification Film roll core internal diameter: 76MM
Film roll external diameter : 350MM
Air compressor 5 KG/cm2<
Machine size L =3800 x W =4600 x H =3680mm


Safety fences , Conveyor system, Pre-stretch system, Top film cover placing device.


Furniture, kitchen furniture, door plank, sanitary, bath facilities, boxed large items, spring bed, bicycle parts etc. Design & manufacture according to your any kind of products specifications.
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