Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine-Multipack-2024CEA


We offer Heavy Duty fully-automatic pallet wrapping machine designed with various advantages such as reliability, performance and flexibility. Double handling, speeding through put can be eliminated through load accumulation conveyor and it reduces product damage. This machine comes with capacity of 30 loads per hour.

Other features include driven pre-stretch brake system supplied with feedback and come with precise finishing to your packed products. It comes with the film tail wipe system and provides a fully automatic wrapping cycle.


  • The pallet will be delivered to its position, and automatically proceed pressing, stretching, wrapping, cutting, clamping the film and send out the pallet. Totally workerless operation.
  • Turntable consisting of a toothed wheel which is able to support high weight loads.
  • The speed at turntable and film carriage speed is controlled by the PLC. The speed is adjustable.
  • Pre-stretch system can extent the film which save film consumption a lot. (According to customer’s request)
  • Reel carriage unit complete with stretch film tension device for adjustment directly from the control box.
  • The stretch wrapping machine can cooperate with automatic production line.
  • The stretch wrapping machine can match with the top sheet dispenser that is applied to the top wrapping.
  • The photoelectric cell can read the pallet height automatically and consequent determination of wrapping height
  • Detection for wrapping failure and broken film.
  • The top press system (optional) can be applied to stabilize the unstable loads.
  • The heavy duty design assure years of trouble free operation.

Standard Assembly- C: Conveyer belt, E: Pre-Stretch System, A: Auto Clamping and Cutting System


Model CHW-2024CEA
Power supply 3φ, 220V/380V/415V/440V 50/60HZ
Power consumption 5.2kw
Wrapping height 2400mm
Turntable diameter 2000mm
Conveyor height 650mm
Turntable loading weight 4000KG( 8800LBS)
Turntable speed 5-15 RPM (speed adjustable)
Film carriage speed 5 M / min (speed adjustable)
Film specification PE stretch film core internal diameter: 76mm,
PE stretch film roll external diameter: 350MM
Film thickness 17~35 MICRONS
Machine size L =2980 x W =2175 x H =3100mm


ISafety fences, Top press plate device. Package move out by turning 90 degrees. Front and back limits sensors.

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