Advanced Multipack Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine and Shrink Sleeve Labeller

The shrink sleeve applicator machine could be a quick speed equipment; with a capability of up to 250 units in an exceedingly minute. It’s essentially a high speed shrink sleeve labeling machine that is employed for sleeve inserting and sleeve shrinking. This durable instrumentation is very sturdy because it is created from superior grade untarnished steel; and is sort of maintenance free. It’s conjointly a compact and extremely versatile machine; that’s designed in line with the GMP norms.

This model of the shrink sleeve applier is additionally referred as a tamper proof, band applier. It even incorporates the most recent shrink technology with MMI and PLC primarily based control board. This extremely stable instrumentation is dead designed, to operate perpetually and swimmingly at a high speed. Further, the structure of the sleeve applier moreover because the conveyor is created from powerful untarnished steel; whereas the structure of the tunnel is factory-made exploitation soft-cast steel and incorporates a powder coating. It’s a vibration free and bother free instrumentation.

Here you can visualize the process of the machine

Shrink Sleeve line with Feedworm without Puck Shrink sleeve for Small vial

This refined machine conjointly includes a slant conveyor for conveyancing the merchandise properly; and for accurately execution the task of inserting the sleeve, and shrinking the sleeve. It even incorporates a feed worm system to change positive feeding of the merchandise. Many models of this shrink sleeve label applier machine are accessible. They conjointly supply a speed choice that ranges from fifty units per minute to 250 units per minute. The instrumentation is appropriate for labeling caps, bottles, and a large vary of merchandise. It can even be altered, supported form of the merchandise. This shrink label inserting machine, sleeving machine, shrink labeller, shrink sleeve label machine, shrink sleeve applicator, automatic sleeving machine, sleeve applicator, automatic shrink sleeve label machine, sleeving with heating tunnel, automatic shrink sleeve label inserter machine is often utilized in the pharmaceutical and food industries; and is additionally extremely appropriate for labeling merchandise used for health foods, medicines, juice, milk, drinks, beverages, cosmetics, farm things, foodstuffs, etc. Shrink sleeve applier may be simply integrated into the assorted totally different production lines while not major style changes.

Technical Specification

  • Automatic Bottle Feeding (or in line with alternative units) on the running conveyor of the device.
  • Roll kind sleeve loaded on the unwind station is made to carry significant Sleeve Rolls.
  • Web is uncoiled from the unwind unit through a unwind nip arrangement.
  • Unwind nip pulls Sleeve and travels to the machine head wherever it’s force by main feeding roller over the spindle.
  • Sleeve is then cut by rotary cutter assembly in keeping with the Length predefined as per container height slightly below the spindle & remains on spindle until bottle arrives on the conveyor.
  • Bottles square measure fed to the machine taking look after correct pitching and needed feed worm assembly.
  • An electronic detector senses the presence of bottle below the spindle and also the pre-cut sleeve is born over the instrumentation in position. This detector permits the “No Bottle No Sleeve” feature of the machine.
  • Bottles with the sleeve applied to the bottle in position exits the unit through the conveyor


Shrink sleeve labeller

Shrink sleeve labeller is in a position to attain high exactness throughout operation resulting in correct sleeve placement to attain the desired package form and attractiveness. Shrink sleeving machine has swish and stable bottle transmission still as ready to deliver correct membrane cuts. Shrink sleeve labeling device machine is strong and versatile, created to accommodate all the trade standards. The shrinking machine has been designed with stainless-steel 304 materials that area unit sturdy and long lasting and conjointly ready to resist degradation. The durable construction creates a vibration free operation and nice performance.

There has been continuous improvement within the mechanical structure of the shrink sleeve device machine, circuit style still as intellectual management systems to boost machine potency. Shrink sleeve label device from Multipack is high speed labeller instrumentality destined with latest shrink technology. It’s equipped with MMI and PLC options for convenient operation. Our engineers have designed the bary centre and base of this machine therefore accurately that it will work with constant high-speed performance even once the assembly demand is additional. We’ve got totally different models of shrink sleeve label applicators that customers will opt for supported its labeling capability per minute. This device is employed with varied labeling speed ranging from fifty containers per minute to two hundred containers per minute. Our shrink sleeve device are often simply changed to match the merchandise form. It’s a versatile device for labeling totally different product no matter form like a cap or a bottle. Our labelling device could be a universal labeling device applied in big selection of industries together with pharmaceutical business, food and soft drinks producing firms, etc.

Shrink Sleeve Labelling - Steam Type Double head shrink sleeve with steam tunnel.jpg 2

Apart from general machining options and specifications, this device from Multipack is complete machine-controlled operating. It will simply adapt totally different labeling materials together with shrink bands and tamper evident labels for complete body sleeve applications of all dimensions, etc. Above all, our device will modification the labeling material stock into shrink band that successively becomes compatible to roll and unroll throughout labeling operation. It will label 250 product per minute and it’s one in every of the price effective and quick acting secondary packaging equipment.

Technical Specification

  • We have strictly followed GMP norms whereas coming up with this device.
  • The whole structure of device and conveyor is created of SS 304 and therefore the tunnel is created from MS and powder coated material. This feature supports for consistent product conveying.
  • It is totally vibration free and favours for unflawed operation.

Shrink sleeve with steam tunnel 2

Global demand of Multipack shrink sleeve applicator machine and Shrink sleeve labeller

This Shrink Sleeve applicator machine market study offers a comprehensive analysis of the business models, key methods, and several market shares of a number of the foremost distinguished players during this landscape. In conjunction with associate degree in-depth statement on the key influencing factors, market statistics in terms of revenues, segment-wise information, region wise information, and country-wise information square measure offered within the full study. This study is one amongst the foremost comprehensive documentation that captures all the aspects of the evolving Shrink Sleeve Label device market.

Shrink sleeve labeller could be a mechanical instrumentation that permits to use labels on the pre-packaged merchandise. Label applicators square measure generally accustomed apply labels to the bottle, box, tubs, pallets, containers and alternative packages. Shrink sleeves labels square measure sturdy in nature and therefore kind a perfect labeling resolution for merchandise that square measure exposed to wet or friction. Hence, over the years, shrink sleeve label applicators are obtaining traction within the packaging machinery market as a results of its add-on advantages like versatile applications, simple to regulate, and quicker applying speeds with decreased period of time, etc.

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Automatic shrink sleeve applicator, shrink sleeve applicator, fully automatic sleeve inserting and shrinking applicator machine and shrink sleeve label applicator.



Model Multipack Automatic shrink machine
Machine Name Automatic Shrink Sleeve  Machine
Production Speed Per Minute (depends on bottle’s Size, sleeve’s length and material) Up to 300 Bottles per Minute
Direction Linear -Left to Right
Suitable for Products Bottles / Containers
Application Sleeving on  Full Body/Parts/Necks of Containers (Based on Customer’s requirement)
Accuracy of Shrink +1.5mm
Sleeve Thickness Min 40 microns
Sleeve Applying Area Full Body Sleeving
Working Height 860 mm +/-50 mm
Machine Weight (Applicator) Approx 700 Kgs
Film Unwinding Unit Control by Motor
Sleeve Feeder Operated by Motor With Up-Down Assembly
Sleeve Pitching Unit Motor
Sleeve Pusher Unit Operated by 2nos of Motor With Up-Down Assembly
Sleeve Cutting Unit Blade
Blade Cutting Diameter Blade Cutting Diameter


Shrink sleeve label applicator designed for automatically inserting heat shrinkable decorative PVT/ PET sleeves on containers / bottles oval, round, and square containers made of plastic, glass, or metal can be handled at speeds up to 300 upm, complete system including these full body shrink sleeve applicator machines, conveyors, and heat tunnels.



Shrink Sleeve Machine, Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator

We are a leading Manufacturer of shrink sleeve applicator, shrink label applicator, shrink sleeve label applicator, shrink sleeve applicator with slat conveyor, shrink sleeve applicator with heat tunnel and shrink sleeve applicator with steam tunnel.

  • Full Body Shrink Sleeves
  • Half Body / Band Sleeves
  • Full Body Tamper Evident Sleeves
  • Cap Sleeves
  • Combi Sleeves
  • Shrink Sleeve labels for Fruits, Vegetables, Sauces, Ready Meals, Meat, Edible Oils, Condensed milk, milk Powder, Animal Food…
  • BEVERAGES Shrink Sleeve label for flat Drinks, Water, soft Drinks, Fruit Juices, Beer, Milk and Yoghurt Drinks, …
  • CHEMICALS & PHARMA Shrink Sleeve labels and Applicator for Mineral Oils, Detergents, Aggressive Liquids, House Hold Products…
  • HEALTHCARE Shrink Sleeve label and Applicator for Gels, Creams, Pastes, Shampoos
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