About Carton Packaging Machinery – Carton Erectors & Carton Sealers

Secondary packaging is an important process done to ensure protection of product and its primary packaging. Primary packaging is usually the closest packaging to the product. For example tooth paste tube would be called primary packaging for toothpaste while the box in which this tube comes is called secondary packaging of the tooth paste which ensures the protection of both tooth paste and the tooth paste tube.

Cartons are the most common materials used for secondary packaging of products. These are made of materials like cardboard or plastics and are widely used for reliable packing of food stuffs, beverages, dairy and various other products. Cartons of different sizes are employed to meet various packaging goals at industries. Usually small cartons are used for packing individual products like milk cartons while large cartons are used for packing multiple products or products in bulk. Carton packaging though a simple process would be time consuming and dreary task to perform when done manually. Therefore in order to meet the bulk carton packaging requirements at industries, carton packaging machinery is used. Carton packaging machinery employed in industries can be classified into following two major categories called the carton erector machines and carton sealing machines.

Carton Erectors

Carton erector popularly known as box erector is a machine which will form a flat packed cardboard box or carton into its appropriate shape and then seal it from bottom and sides with a tape and present it with top flaps open ready to be filled. An automatic carton erector machine removes the need to pre-erect boxes or cartons prior to packing. It saves space of storage, time employed in carton packaging and therefore increases productivity. The modern PLC controlled carton erectors allow for easy and automatic operation thereby reducing the production costs usually employed in manual labor required for operation.

Carton Sealers

The cartons filled with products need to be sealed with tapes or other kinds of reliable gluing products to ensure that they do not open at the time of carrying or transfer. The carton sealing especially in industries is a bulk packaging process takes lot of time if done manually. Therefore special carton sealer machines are employed at the industries for sealing of cartons. Carton sealer machines come in different specifications and configurations and are widely used by the manufacturers in customized forms to meet their carton packaging requirements. Some of the popular forms of carton sealing machines used by the manufacturers of modern day include automatic carton sealer, semi automatic carton sealing machine, carton folding sealers, fully automatic carton flap folding sealer and carton underside sealers.

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This article is written by Arjun Rao – CEO of Multi Pack Machinery Company.

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