110TB 5 Gallon and Barrel Neck Shrink Sleeve Label Applicator


  • Fully Automatic operation.
  • Can handle Glass & Polymer bottles.
  • No Bottle – No Sleeve
  • No Bottle – Total halt.
  • Rotary Cutter.
  • Rigid Structure with Good Speed.
  • PLC Controlled. (To cut off wiring complications)
  • Machine will have manual up & down arrangement.


Machine Specification:

  • It has a high-performance servo motor;
  • It is designed suit to 5 Gallon & 3 Gallon neck sleeve shrink packaging.
  •  It is featured by accurate casting label and stable operation without label missing or label blocking
  • 4It adopts positioning rule and Bottle-pressing mechanism, which makes the position of the label
  • Machine Use with shrink tunnel by steam tunnel or electrical shrink tunnel

Technical Specifications:

Sleeve Apply Area: Neck application
Model: MMC-Sleeve-120
power(kw) 1
Voltage (v) 3 Phase,380/220VAC
Product speed 900 BPH
Sleeve Thickness: Min 40 microns
Diameter of Bottle neck: 30 mm-80mm
Length of Label : 30 mm – 85mm
Thickness of Label : 0.03 mm -0.13 mm
Internal Diameter of Paper Tube: 3”-10” adjust it at will


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