MMC Cap Lining

Automatic Wad Fixing Machine and Wad Assembling Inserting Machine
Cap Lining Machine / Cap Closer Lining Machine
Cap Lining Machine - MMC Cap Lining/Closure Lining Machines
Induction Wad Inserting Machine (Cap Lining Machine)

Those searching for premium-quality MMC cap lining machines can get the best-quality products from Multipack. We offer a complete inventory of MMC Cap Lining tools for our esteemed customers. Our product range includes Wad Assembling Inserting Machine and Automatic Wad-Fixing equipments. We also have Cap Lining and Cap Closer Lining Tools manufactured from top-grade stainless steel. Apart from these, we stock Closure Lining or MMC Cap Lining Machine that works on the ‘GENEVA’ principle. Adjustable height and reduced power consumption are some of the major highlights of this machine.

At Multipack, we also manufacture Induction Wad Inserting Equipment enclosed in commercial-grade stainless steel plates.

The MMC cap lining machine is designed to punch round or different shaped wads/liners from a reel and place it into plastic/metal caps. The MMC cap lining machine can operate at speeds of 250 bottles per minute or higher depending on the models. The diameter of the caps can be changed depending on the need, and process all types of liners the market may require.